🗓Month #10

August 2020


This month saw my regular investments in a SunExchange project and also £500 in CrowdProperty and £100 in ElfinMarket.I

n the world of Euro P2P lending I really like the look of Moncera so I have increased my exposure on this platform topping up by another €400. I have put an initial €100 in Lendermarket as well, possibly topping up next month.

In crypto my regular $200 into the IML fund, $100 into TUSD on NEXO and a random amount of BTC on BlockFi, £222.

On FreeTrade my regular £500 has been allocated.

Total investments £2467

Monthly Income

The SolarExchange projects have passed the shortest month of daylight for the year and so are now on an upward trajectory with an increase in the income.

CrowdProperty and EstateGuru produced another steady month.

ElfinMarket has started to pay out a decent monthly income now so I shall continue to invest in this moving forward.

Euro P2P has also had a steady month.

Crypto is proving to be a great investment. The IML fund had a stunning month with high interest rates on margin lending. The NEXO and BlockFi interest also posted a nice increase this month.

Lastly FreeTrade dividends were the best yet.

All in all a great month with my passive income jumping past the £100 mark with ease. Will I make it to £150 by November as planned? Let’s see, but it is looking possible.

Total income £109.64

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