The Mission

My aim is to reach financial independence with as little effort as possible, whilst maintaining a comfortable lifestyle. I plan to start with the principles of the FIRE 🔥movement and adapt them to my own style of living and investing.

Feel free to explore my investment choices and watch my progress as I document my successes and failures. You are most welcome to join me on my journey.

  • 🗓Month #32
    June 2022 The fallout from the collapse of the Terra system is still being felt. 3 Arrows capital has filed for bankruptcy. Celsius has halted withdrawals as it hits a liquidity crisis. … Continue reading 🗓Month #32
  • Yield Nodes
    I’ve just added a write up on another investment platform that I use. Yield Nodes is a crypto based Master-Noding service. I’ve been watching them for over a year now and finally … Continue reading Yield Nodes
  • 🗓Month #31
    May 2022 Covid hasn’t gone away, but its impact is now reserved to supply chain issues from enthusiastic lockdowns. In countries that have decided to live with Covid its effect on society … Continue reading 🗓Month #31

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