The Mission

My aim is to reach financial independence with as little effort as possible, whilst maintaining a comfortable lifestyle. I plan to start with the principles of the FIRE 🔥movement and adapt them to my own style of living and investing.

Feel free to explore my investment choices and watch my progress as I document my successes and failures. You are most welcome to join me on my journey.

  • 🗓Month #20
    June 2021 Summer is here and the fields are full of Poppy’s in full flower. The cornerstone of my investment plan this year is based in crypto, which is still in the … Continue reading 🗓Month #20
  • 🗓Month #19
    May 2021 The last month of spring! The month has ended with some delightful weather, which compensates for a massive crypto sell off. From the BTC high point of $64k in April … Continue reading 🗓Month #19
  • 🗓Month #18
    April 2021 Spring has sprung! All the trees are popping in to leaf and the blossom is budding on the fruit trees. 🦠 Corona Virus vaccinations are rolling out really well in … Continue reading 🗓Month #18

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