Reaching my late 40’s was a turning point, where I decided to really make an effort to become financially secure. I am in a well paying job with a defined benefits pension scheme. I have made a few investments over the years, but never with any structure or goal. Surprisingly I found I was almost entirely dependent on my pension for an income after retirement. More alarming was the fact I would have to work till the age of 60+ before retiring (possibly 67). After a lot of reading I discovered the FIRE movement. This completely turned around my understanding of investing, giving me the structure that I needed.

I’ve always had a healthy appetite for risk, which has lead me to an adventurous style of investing. Over the years this has had given me a variety of results as you can imagine.

My route to Financial Independence is a combination of FIRE principles with a selection of investments on the more alternative side to suit my investing personality. 😁

My Aim

The goal is to reach financial independence by the age of 55 in the year 2027. I started at the age of 47 in the year 2019, so that gives me an 8 year time frame.

What kind of income am I aiming for? Around £3000 per month, with as much as possible tax-free.