🗓Month #9

July 2020


This month I have continued with my plan to invest in 1 project every month with TheSunExchange.

With P2P property development loans I have left EstateGuru to develop and see what happens before further investment. My investment has therefore transferred back to CrowdProperty with a regular £500. I have now set up a monthly standing order to fund CrowdProperty and have it on an Auto-invest setting, so it is now completely passive. ✅

ElfinMarket, although not wrapped in an IFISA and only at 6% interest looks to be a safe investment, so I have set up a monthly standing order for £100 going forward.

I have diversified my Euro P2P loans into another platform called Moncera. Let’s see where that all leads. I feel my Euro P2P lending is all a bit experimental and slightly risky.

In the crypto world I have returned to a regular investment in the Invictus IML fund of $200. With NEXO I made my regular investment with TUSD. In addition I have invested £1000 of fiat £GBP. It is earning an interest of 10% pa. Having made such a large investment with NEXO I decided not to buy any BTC or ETH this month.

My final investment using FreeTrade is back to £500 this month as the major rebound seems to have happened. Although the FIRE movement talks about ETFs a lot and dividend paying investments, this year is a strange one. Covid is affecting different sectors quite differently and so I have made a lot of individual investments in growth stock in sectors such as tech and renewable energy firms and funds. After the dust settles I will consolidate back to ETFs but for now I am willing to put some time and effort into choosing my own stocks.

Total investment a hearty £3347

Monthly income

This month saw another fall in income from TheSunExchange as the winter months affected solar generation. I expect this to be a cyclical phenomenon for this investment moving forward.

With CrowdProperty a loan paid back brining in some interest. This should be the start of higher earnings from CrowdProperty. EstateGuru also started to bring in some income.

Property rental income has completely dried up as rental holidays have been invoked. It was only a small income and an investment I have not been adding to, so was never going to grow. I will make some decisions about this later in the year.

ElfinMarket made its first interest payment, not much but it was for only a few days of the month.

My Euro P2P lending is also starting to bring in an income stream.

In the crypto world the IML fund continues to grow at a boring and predictable rate, which fits with my completely passive plan ✅. My NEXO returns have taken a significant boost due to the Fiat £GBP investment I made. There has also been a nice return from my BTC and ETH held in BlockFi.

A less good month for FreeTrade dividends.

Total income £73.33

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