🗓Month #11

September 2020


This month is very similar to last month. A regular investment into a SunExchange project, £500 to CrowdProperty and £100 to ElfinMarket.

Euro P2P saw a €400 top up going to Lendermarket and a trial deposit of €100 in RoboCash.

Crypto saw my regular $200 in the IML fund and $100 TUSD placed on the NEXO platform. Again a random amount of BTC was bought and placed on the BlockFi platform.

Lastly my regular £500 invested on FreeTrade.

Total Investments £2294

Monthly Income

Sunshine is starting to earn a decent return from TheSunExchange. Heading towards the longest days of the year is improving income and also more projects are going live. I’m looking forward to January 2021 as January had the most energy production last year.

Income from Property development loans with CrowdProperty and EstateGuru are steady with a small drop to £12.91

ElfinMarket has a steady return and the Euro P2P investments are starting to show a healthy income.

Crypto is again my best sector. IML earnings dropped this month but still are the second best month from this fund. NEXO and BlockFi have shown a steady month, but I received a referral bonus for an account I have with Celsius which accounts for the jump from last month. Celsius looks like a stable platform with good trust levels so I am looking to diversify into Celsius in the next few months.

FreeTrade saw a great month for dividends bringing in £26.58

Total income £139.82. Breaking the target of £150 per month by November looks very achievable.

🗓Month #10

August 2020


This month saw my regular investments in a SunExchange project and also £500 in CrowdProperty and £100 in ElfinMarket.I

n the world of Euro P2P lending I really like the look of Moncera so I have increased my exposure on this platform topping up by another €400. I have put an initial €100 in Lendermarket as well, possibly topping up next month.

In crypto my regular $200 into the IML fund, $100 into TUSD on NEXO and a random amount of BTC on BlockFi, £222.

On FreeTrade my regular £500 has been allocated.

Total investments £2467

Monthly Income

The SolarExchange projects have passed the shortest month of daylight for the year and so are now on an upward trajectory with an increase in the income.

CrowdProperty and EstateGuru produced another steady month.

ElfinMarket has started to pay out a decent monthly income now so I shall continue to invest in this moving forward.

Euro P2P has also had a steady month.

Crypto is proving to be a great investment. The IML fund had a stunning month with high interest rates on margin lending. The NEXO and BlockFi interest also posted a nice increase this month.

Lastly FreeTrade dividends were the best yet.

All in all a great month with my passive income jumping past the £100 mark with ease. Will I make it to £150 by November as planned? Let’s see, but it is looking possible.

Total income £109.64

🗓Month #9

July 2020


This month I have continued with my plan to invest in 1 project every month with TheSunExchange.

With P2P property development loans I have left EstateGuru to develop and see what happens before further investment. My investment has therefore transferred back to CrowdProperty with a regular £500. I have now set up a monthly standing order to fund CrowdProperty and have it on an Auto-invest setting, so it is now completely passive. ✅

ElfinMarket, although not wrapped in an IFISA and only at 6% interest looks to be a safe investment, so I have set up a monthly standing order for £100 going forward.

I have diversified my Euro P2P loans into another platform called Moncera. Let’s see where that all leads. I feel my Euro P2P lending is all a bit experimental and slightly risky.

In the crypto world I have returned to a regular investment in the Invictus IML fund of $200. With NEXO I made my regular investment with TUSD. In addition I have invested £1000 of fiat £GBP. It is earning an interest of 10% pa. Having made such a large investment with NEXO I decided not to buy any BTC or ETH this month.

My final investment using FreeTrade is back to £500 this month as the major rebound seems to have happened. Although the FIRE movement talks about ETFs a lot and dividend paying investments, this year is a strange one. Covid is affecting different sectors quite differently and so I have made a lot of individual investments in growth stock in sectors such as tech and renewable energy firms and funds. After the dust settles I will consolidate back to ETFs but for now I am willing to put some time and effort into choosing my own stocks.

Total investment a hearty £3347

Monthly income

This month saw another fall in income from TheSunExchange as the winter months affected solar generation. I expect this to be a cyclical phenomenon for this investment moving forward.

With CrowdProperty a loan paid back brining in some interest. This should be the start of higher earnings from CrowdProperty. EstateGuru also started to bring in some income.

Property rental income has completely dried up as rental holidays have been invoked. It was only a small income and an investment I have not been adding to, so was never going to grow. I will make some decisions about this later in the year.

ElfinMarket made its first interest payment, not much but it was for only a few days of the month.

My Euro P2P lending is also starting to bring in an income stream.

In the crypto world the IML fund continues to grow at a boring and predictable rate, which fits with my completely passive plan ✅. My NEXO returns have taken a significant boost due to the Fiat £GBP investment I made. There has also been a nice return from my BTC and ETH held in BlockFi.

A less good month for FreeTrade dividends.

Total income £73.33

🗓Month #8

June 2020


This month saw a major diversification. Whilst investigating a euro equivalent for CrowdProperty, not only did I discover EstateGuru, but also the rest of the P2P lending market in Europe. I decided to transfer my Crowdproperty investment to a EstatGuru this month. Further to that I have dipped my toes in the rest of the P2P market in Europe. The Covid pandemic has decimated the P2P lending market with lots of defaults on loans. This has really exposed a lot of the P2P platforms. Many of the Scams or poor business models have ceased trading. The result of this has been a clean out of the market. The platforms that have survived are by default the better business models with a future and should be a safer place for my money. I don’t intend to have too many platforms long term but to start with I am going to diversify across multiple platforms to see which of them will work best for me. I have chosen 5 platforms to start with. In addition to the euro platforms I have found a UK start up business (Elfin Market), offering a P2P funded credit card. Their lending criterion is extremely strict reducing the risk to investors. They are also registered and regulated by the FSA and offer to wrap your investment in an IFISA. My Crowd property investments are wrapped in an IFISA this tax year so I can’t do the same on ElfinMarket. The last P2P investment this month is in a UK P2B platform called Crowd2Fund. I have only put in £110 and will top up next month before actually making an investment.

Again I have put an increased amount into FreeTrade, though next month I will probably drop this back to a regular £500 as the market looks to have had its recovery bounce from the bottom.

I have skipped a month on the Invictus fund, but continued my regular $100 of TUSD into NEXO. I have also bought some BTC and placed it in BlockFi to earn interest.

Total investment £3002

Monthly Income

This month saw a minor drop in income from TheSunExchange as the days get shorter. I have a couple of projects installing at the moment which should compensate over the next few months when they go live. With continued investment during the Southern Hemisphere winter, I should see a significant increase in income once summer comes along.

Monthly income continues to increase from CrowdProperty though I’m not expecting it to reflect the 8% of my investment till at least a year has passed, possibly 18 months.

Euro P2P lending is a new income stream this month, though as I have only just started it is minimal.

Crypto saw a steady growth in the Invictus IML fund. There has been a big jump in income from my BTC investments with BlockFi adding to my TUSD in NEXO.

A good month for dividends from my FreeTrade account.

Total Income £66.85

🗓Month #7

May 2020


With the Covid pandemic in full swing, I continued with an increased investment level to FreeTrade at £780, snapping up some stocks that are likely to do well in the next year.

With my property development P2P portfolio, I have decided not to further diversify in the UK as I am very happy with CrowdProperty. I have started to look into the Euro P2P market. It looks to be on the riskier side with many platforms struggling due to defaulted loans thanks to Covid. There is a real sort out of the platforms with many ceasing to trade and some scam platforms being exposed. What I have found is what looks to be the best property P2P platform in Europe, EstateGuru. It seems to be sailing through the Covid pandemic quite smoothly. I have made an initial trial investment of €100.

Another addition this month is a diversification of my Cryptocurrency portfolio. Most of the Crypto investments since November have been with the stable coin TUSD which is earning me a steady income at 10% pa. I have kept my new crypto choice narrow, sticking with BTC and ETH, but have chosen to diversify my platform risk, by investing using a different platform called BlockFi. Most of this months investment into BlockFi isn’t new money, but mopping up lots of BTC and ETH that I already had in various other places.

Total investment £2733

Monthly Income

A big jump this month to make up for the flat month in April. Increased earnings from TheSunExchange as new projects continue to offset the shorter days. A small but steady increase in interest from CrowdProperty. There was a big jump in the Invictus fund with a better exchange rate coupled with much higher interest rates in the crypto lending market. My other Crypto holdings continue to have a slow steady increase in interest earnings. A good month for dividends from FreeTrade.

Total income £52

🗓Month #6

April 2020

The start of the new tax year!


The whole world of investments is reeling from the lockdown. Property developments are either shut down or delayed. There has been a bounce on the stock market, which led me to invest a bit more on FreeTrade to benefit from the cheap stocks. A new project was launched on The SunExchange so I made another investment there. I continued to put money into CrowdProperty as projects are still being launched, but much less. Total investment £1829

Monthly Income

A very flat month with a minor decrease in income.

🗓Month #5

March 2020


Lock Down!!!!!

A brutal month for almost all investments. Lockdown in the UK and much of the rest of the world. Undeterred I have continued to invest this month. I made 2 investments in The Sun Exchange last month and with no new projects I decided to give this a miss this month. I made my other regular investments. With the massive crash in the stock market I considered putting more money into FreeTrade as it is likely that there are many bargains to be had, but I am not skilled enough in this area to make the gamble. Total of investments £1308

Monthly Income

TheSunExchange increased its income this month as another project went live, which compensated for the shortening daylight hours. Income from Invictus went down despite my holding increasing. This is primarily an exchange rate effect as the holdings are in USD.

🗓Month #4

February 2020


The same regular 5 investment vehicles had their usual amount of funding this month. Of note the Property Partner investment that I made at the beginning of 2019 is returning only 2-3% pa and so I think my money could be better placed somewhere else. I have sold one of the properties and withdrawn £200. Total investment £1718 this month.

Monthly Income

A continued increase in monthly income this month. A mixed bag really. TheSunExchange dropped a little after the peak sunshine of January. The income from the Crypto investments continues to rise and the introduction of Dividend Income from FreeTrade has helped create a modest rise.

🗓Month #3

January 2020

This month sees the expansion of my portfolio into Stocks and Shares using the FreeTrade broker. Total invested = £2128


Regular investments into The SunExchange, CrowdProperty, Invictus Capital and NEXO are complimented by £500 invested via the FreeTrade platform.

Monthly Income

Income from The Sun Exchange is significantly improved by the long daylight hours in South Africa where the solar cells are. Interest has increased from CrowdProperty, Invictus and NEXO.

🗓Month #2

December 2019

It’s still early days. Stocks and shares needs to make up a significant proportion of my investments so I have been investigating investment brokers. The platform I have decided to use is FreeTrade, a new platform with no trading fees. Investments won’t start until next month


This months investments are on the same theme as last month. The Sun Exchange investment amounted to £742. My second investment of £500 to Crowd Property doubles my investment in property development. My regular investment of £200 to Invictus Capital and £77 of TUSD to NEXO completes the investments.

Monthly Income

Income from The Sun Exchange from the first project has started to come in. Some of the development loans pay back monthly, so a small amount of income has started to come in from Crowd Property. In the crypto sphere, the Invictus fund has started to grow and interest is starting to come in from NEXO.