🗓Month #22

August 2021

August is normally a quiet month in the investing world, as people in the northern hemisphere are away on holiday. I’ve managed to visit most of the UK this month, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England. I’ll have to make another trip to Wales to complete the home nations. Stocks and shares remain strong and so does crypto. Crypto appears to be making a gradual slow climb, which is just what we need.

🦠 Corona Virus remains a threat, but this doesn’t seem to be hampering the gradual opening up of society! Cases are rising in areas of high social mixing, but hospital numbers and deaths are still manageable.

My income has jumped nicely this month posting its second largest value. Crypto has been a significant component, but also Juicy Fields has been a big contributor.


The Sun Exchange has received an investment this month. The project is a recycling plant which makes me feel better about the world and my place in it.😁 Invested £318

ElfinMarket. Following the plan, I invested £1000 into my IFISA account. Invested £1000

Euro P2P has not received any new investment but I have started to withdraw some capital as the loans mature. This month I withdrew £151 from Moncera and £80 from Lendermarket. Withdrawn £231

NEXO once again received my crypto lending investment. Most of the money isn’t new money, it’s actually crypto assets that I already hold that I have transferred over to NEXO. I also have taken some money out of Yield farming and sent it across to NEXO. My ETH holding at NEXO has increased to 2.5 and I now have my 8 BNB sitting there. Invested £3936

FreeTrade. This months investment went to top up another big dividend payer, Ferrexpo. It received £500 of new money. Invested £500

Yield Farming has been a net contributor this month as I moved some assets over to NEXO. Withdrawn £3128

Juicy Fields also has been a net contributor with a withdrawal. Withdrawn £431

Total Invested £1963

Monthly Income

Back on the rocket going to the moon 🚀. Some of the income streams I’m expecting to dry up are still paying. Crypto is performing well once again and Juicy Fields has had its first big payout month.

TheSunExchange. The winter slump is officially over. The days are getting longer and income is back on the rise. I’m hoping to hit £100 at the height of the summer this January. Income £37

CrowdProperty under performed once again, but this is obviously just how the finish time for the various projects has fallen. EstateGuru didn’t offer any income this month. Only 2 loans left to mature before I can pull all my remaining capital out. Income £32

ElfinMarket income is continuing to increase with a continued investment. This month the income has increased by another £9. Income £34

Euro P2P lending has surprisingly held steady for another month. Normal income was generated by most of the platforms. I am expecting to see a fall in the next month as I slowly withdraw my funds. Income £20

Invictus IML fund has underperformed once again. The fund growth has been fairly modest. As it is based on USD lending, I already have other products that do this through decentralised finance. I think I am going to close this fund next month and put the money into crypto and DeFi. Income £10

Crypto lending across NEXO, Celsius, BlockFi and Luno remains good. All 4 platforms posted increased income due to the higher price of the underlying crypto assets. Income £238

YieldFarming and Staking is not going ballistic, but there is loads of new opportunities around on different layer 1 and layer 2 networks. I have added BANANA back on the BSC network. I’ve also started staking UST on the Anchor protocol. I’m planning Anchor to be my major USD stablecoin income generator when I liquidate my crypto. Interest rates are about 20% on Anchor. Next month I am diversifying onto the fantom network 🤞 . Income £648

FreeTrade I was expecting August to be a quiet month for dividends, but it has really surprised. Mostly the extra has come from a dividend from Ferrexpo. Income £119

JuicyFields has brought in its first large crop, from the 20 plants I bought back in May. August has also had 3 smaller harvests, so all in all a great month. Next month won’t have a 20 plant harvest so it will be more modest but October should be another big one. Income £588

Total Passive Income £1728

What a great month. September won’t have as large a contribution from Juicy Fields so I am expecting a reduction in income. I am expecting further crypto increases so let’s see where the dust settles.

🗓Month #21

July 2021

Holiday season is upon us. Schools finish this month and normally people are off to explore other countries for a well earned break. Travel restrictions are still in place though so staycations are a thing once again this year. The stock market has stabilised, and is looking likely to continue its upward trajectory. Crypto has finished its sell off and has bounced nicely off the most recent bottom. Hopefully it is ready for a steady climb for the rest of the year.

🦠 Corona Virus vaccinations are now being offered to 16 and 17 year olds in the UK. The Delta variant seems to have peaked in mid July and has seen a dramatic decline since. Initial fears that people had stopped testing, so they could go on holiday seems unfounded as testing rates remain stable.

My income has stabilised this month which is pleasing to see. there has even been a slight increase from last month. It has certainly helped that the crypto prices have started to rise again.


Estate Guru has had a number of loans complete repayments in the last month. as I have decided to pull out of this investment I have managed to withdraw £371. I have 2 loans left with Estate Guru, one of which is in default. The other loan pays back the final instalment in December. Withdrawn -£371

ElfinMarket. Following the plan, I invested £1000 into my IFISA account. Invested £1000

Invictus IML. I have had my IML tokens staked for a number of months. They are slowly accumulating ICAP tokens as staking rewards. This month I decided to withdraw my earned ICAP and convert them to ETH. Withdrawn -£166

NEXO once again received my crypto lending investment. I hadn’t really planned to invest this month, but I received a bonus from work that needed to be placed. Ethereum was the plan this month. I feel that I am underinvested in Ethereum compared to my BTC holdings. I made 2 investments, the first was a new investment of £1000. The second was a result of converting my ICAP tokens to ETH and then transferring them across. Invested £1166

FreeTrade. This months investment went to top up another big dividend payer, Enterprise Products. It received £500 of new money. Invested £500

Juicy Fields. My last investment this month was into the speculative and risky JuicyFields project. This will be my last for a while. Once I have withdrawn most of my initial investment I might choose to risk some more. Invested £855

Total Invested £2984

Monthly Income

It’s been a really pleasing month this month. After my income crashing the last 2 months it’s been great to see it stabilise and even increase a little.

TheSunExchange. As with last year, the power generated in July and subsequent income is a little below June. Assuming the same as last year it should now steadily increase for the next 6 months. Income £27

CrowdProperty posted a surprising and disappointing drop in income to £31, which I presume is just a blip. EstateGuru posted a modest £7 income. As I have withdrawn most of my EstateGuru funds I’m not expecting anything further from them. Income £38

ElfinMarket income is continuing to increase with a continued investment. This month the income has increased by another £8. Income £25

Euro P2P lending has held steady. Normal income was generated by most of the platforms. I am expecting to see a fall in the next month as I slowly withdraw my funds. Income £21

Invictus IML fund has had another quiet month as USD lending demand has been very low due to the pull back in the crypto markets. A very modest increase in the value of the fund by £10. On the other hand my IML tokens have been staked for many months, slowly accumulating ICAP token rewards. This month I cashed them in for ETH to the value of £166. Income £176

Crypto lending across NEXO, Celsius, BlockFi and Luno remains stable. BlockFi and Celsius contributed a similar income to last month. NEXO on the other hand has seen a large increase. I decided to earn in NEXO tokens instead of BTC and ETH, this allows me to gain higher rates. Also I am now receiving interest on my substantial NEXO token holdings. Income £207

YieldFarming and Staking is very quiet. On the BSC network I still just have CAKE staked. The income from this is stable and the underlying value of the CAKE has started to rise a little. There is a small amount of RAY staked on the Solana network. The rest of my staking is on the Polygon network. I had some MATIC, QUICK and USDC staked, which has started to bring in a stable and hopefully safe income. I got a little twitched however and while the market was unstable I actually liquidated my QUICK and USDC, perhaps a little prematurely! Overall there is a small income gain but I now have very little staked. Income £441

FreeTrade dividend income has had an average month. A bit more than last month and hopefully will continue to increase. August however looks like it will under perform significantly. Income £47

JuicyFields has had had 2 harvests in July, bringing in a similar income to June. Most has been re-invested to compound the gains, but I have withdrawn some again to reduce the total of the risked assets. August is looking to be a bumper crop. There are 3 harvest of 4 plants and also the first of my 20 plant harvests all in August. Income £141

Total Passive Income £1127

I’ve got a very positive feel about August. All income from investments should be up except € P2P, IML and FreeTrade. Heading into the Autumn things are looking good.🤞

🗓Month #20

June 2021

Summer is here and the fields are full of Poppy’s in full flower. The cornerstone of my investment plan this year is based in crypto, which is still in the grips of a huge correction. The retail sell off has completed, as has the over-leveraged Hedge-fund liquidations. The Bitcoin whales have been steadily accumulating during this time, which has lead me to do the same. There might be one more shakeout due to the unlocking of the Greyscale shares. From then onwards it should be a clear run till the end of the year.

🦠 Corona Virus vaccinations are continuing to do well in the UK. The Delta variant seems to be sweeping through the younger population. There is a small increase in demands on the health service but not too much yet. The link between infections and morbidity/mortality might be broken.

My income has dropped a little but it’s a mixed bag. Lots of income streams have increased. These have been offset by a further reduction in yield farming income, but this looks to be stabilised now.


Even more focussed investment plan this month!

I’ve been thinking about EstateGuru and the Euro P2P market. The risk seems fairly high, with the potential for loan defaults. Is this offset by the high return? Not really when you take into account the tax that would be levied on the income. Crowdproperty and ElfinMarket both have lower APRs but they are both tax free wrapped in an IFISA and regulated by the FCA. Moving forward these will be the cornerstone of my P2P lending. I’m going to pull out of EstateGuru and the Euro P2P platforms.

ElfinMarket. Following the plan, I invested £1000 into my IFISA account. Invested £1000

NEXO was the crypto lending platform to receive a chunk of investment this month. The massive pull back in the crypto markets has made Bitcoin once again a viable investment. Invested £1000

FreeTrade. This months investment went to top up my best performing stock which is also my biggest dividend payer, Ferrexpo. It received £500 of new money. I also reinvested accumulated dividends into Foresight Solar to the sum of £79. Invested £500

Total Invested £2500

Monthly Income

It’s been a really mixed bag this month, with some income streams increasing whilst others are on the decrease.

TheSunExchange. June is the month with the shortest daylight hours in the Southern Hemisphere, so this should be the lowest point for the year. Last year July posted a slightly lower income than June, which might be the same this year. Either way we should be close to the low income point for the year. Income £29

CrowdProperty continues to post increased returns, now in the low £80’s. Hopefully £100 is around the corner. EstateGuru posted a modest £5 income, but this will never be significant. Last month was a blip with the UOWN income so we are back to just the 2 platforms this month with a healthy income increase. Income £89

ElfinMarket income is going to steadily increase every month by £7-8 with a continued investment. This month is therefore a steady increase from last month. Income £17

Euro P2P lending is still steady. Normal income was generated by most of the platforms. Now I have decided to pull out the income should start to decrease over the next year. It will take a fairly long period of time to withdraw all the money. Income £21

Invictus IML fund has had a very quiet month as USD lending demand has been very low due to the pull back in the crypto markets. A very disappointing month. Income £12

Crypto lending across NEXO, Celsius, BlockFi and Luno has now stabilised. BlockFi and Celsius have both decreased their lending rates. Even so the income has increased this month, posting the second highest income from this source. Income £136

YieldFarming and Staking has had a reorganisation. On the BSC network I just have CAKE staked. The income from this is stable but the underlying value of the CAKE has fallen a little once again. There is a small amount of RAY staked on the Solana network, primarily to use their launchpad. The rest of my staking is on the Polygon network. I have some MATIC, QUICK and USDC staked, which has started to bring in a stable and hopefully safe income, which should rise in the coming months. Overall there is an income drop but it should be on an increasing trend from here on in. Income £426

FreeTrade dividend income has had another good month. A bit less than last month and hopefully will start to increase again. Income £38

JuicyFields has had had 2 harvests in June, bringing in an increased income. Most has been re-invested to compound the gains, but I have withdrawn some to reduce the total of the risked assets. July should be pretty similar, with a decent income in August to come. Income £145

Total Passive Income £916

I’ve got a positive feel about the end of the summer, heading into the Autumn. 🤞

🗓Month #19

May 2021

The last month of spring! The month has ended with some delightful weather, which compensates for a massive crypto sell off. From the BTC high point of $64k in April BTC managed to crash all the way down to $34k this month before making a recovery. The gravitational pull of BTC has dragged down all of the other coins as well often with bigger losses. End of this Bull run? I’m hoping not as I am holding tight until the autumn. 🤣

🦠 Corona Virus vaccinations are continuing to do well in the UK. We have a worrying increase in cases due to the Indian/Delta variant taking over from the Kent/Alpha variant, however this hasn’t so far translated into high demands on the health service. The spread seems to be contained within the non-vaccinated mostly the younger population.

My income has taken a big hit this month due entirely to a reduced income from crypto. But it’s still my second biggest month despite this reduction.


Again a very focussed investment plan this month

TheSunExchange. The second Nhimbe Fresh project is waiting to be launched. It is another USD based stable income project. It didn’t open for funding this month so no investments were made. I still have some of the returned funds on the platform waiting to be deployed.

ElfinMarket. I have decided to invest £1000 at the beginning of each month into my IFISA account. Later in the year I will evaluate my ISA allocations across ElfinMarket and FreeTrade. Invested £1000

In Euro P2P lending I was able to withdraw a further £37 from LenderMarket. I decided not to reinvest it anywhere so I just returned it to my bank account. Money returned £37

Yield Farming has received another large investments. The BSC network has been plagued with exploits this month which I have lost some funds with. I have branched out to the upcoming Polygon network which might just be this years DeFi summer destination. Invested £1500

FreeTrade. Just one investment this month, into the iShares Global Clean Energy ETF. Invested £500

JuicyFields I’ve made my final investment into my compounding plan. Moving forward I should be able to compound my returns and also withdraw an income from this project. In addition I also made a €1000 one off investment by redeploying funds from the UOWN project. This one won’t compound, I will just withdraw the full profits and reinvest the principle moving forward. Invested £1042

Total Invested £2855

Monthly Income

Having had such an amazing month in April, you kind of expect continued growth. Alas May has seen a big drop in income from Crypto. Mostly due to the massive crash in the price of BTC and the subsequent drop in value of all other assets. On top of this there has been multiple exploits of BSC farming projects, further reducing my income.

TheSunExchange. The Southern Hemisphere is heading nicely towards winter so there is an expected drop in solar generation. The drop hasn’t been too dramatic though so the income has held up well. Income £36

CrowdProperty and EstateGuru were very similar to last month. I have finally received the return from the UOWN team. The Bakery project has paid out 🎉. This gives a significant uplift to my income from this sector, but it will be a one off. Income £213

ElfinMarket has now started to produce income from the IFISA account. The first month is usually smaller than average and should increase in subsequent months. Income £10

Euro P2P lending is fairly steady. Normal income was generated by most of the platforms. Without further investment this will never be a significant source of income. At some point this year I will need to decide if I am going to invest more or pull out of P2P lending sites in Europe. Income £21

Invictus IML fund has had a quiet month compared to April, but the income is steady. Income £27

Crypto lending across NEXO, Celsius, BlockFi and Luno suffered a massive crash in value of the underlying assets. So although the interest earned was good, it was denominated in BTC and ETH and therefore the value converted to GBP was significantly reduced. Income £110

YieldFarming and Staking has had a very turbulent month. Both my BUSD and BNB farms suffered exploits and some loss of funds. Thankfully not too much. I also cashed in most of the BANANA tokens realising the profit. The CAKE farm has performed very well, however due to the market crash the token value has more than halved so the value of the yield has suffered accordingly. I’ve now branched out into the Polygon network and Solana network, so we will see if they are a bit more resistant to exploit attacks. My main farm is still CAKE but I now also have some RAY and MATIC which are earning a small income. I am actively looking for a second high yielding farm to compliment the CAKE farm. Income £686

FreeTrade dividend income has had another good month, though not quite as high as last month. Income £42

JuicyFields has had its 4th harvest and sale of plants this month. This is the last month of a single harvest so from June onwards there should be 2 harvests per month. Let’s see how that goes. Income £65

Total Passive Income £1212

Let’s see if I can bring the Yield farming back to heady heights of last month as I investigate the Polygon network.

🗓Month #18

April 2021

Spring has sprung! All the trees are popping in to leaf and the blossom is budding on the fruit trees.

🦠 Corona Virus vaccinations are rolling out really well in the UK and by the end of the month over half the population have had at least 1 dose and many have had 2. The most vulnerable in society have been vaccinated which has made a dramatic difference to the strain on the NHS services. This is allowing the restrictions on the population to ease and life to head towards normal.

It’s a new tax year which brings a breath of fresh air. My investment strategy has rationalised and my investments are much more concentrated.

My income has gone ballistic, mostly due to yield farming. It will be interesting to see how sustainable this is.


An almost empty spreadsheet!

TheSunExchange. My SunExchange project that I invested in back in September ran into some regulation issues delaying the project significantly. Due to this the investment money was refunded. I have invested in another project this month, however the investment was completely covered by the returned funds so no additional funds were necessary. Reassigned funds £249

ElfinMarket. I invested my normal £100 at the beginning of the month into my Standard account. After April 6th I closed my standard account and withdrew all the funds. I then opened an IFISA account and transferred all my funds across, plus an extra £433. Invested £533

In Euro P2P lending I withdrew the last of my funds from IUVO. Rationalising my P2P platforms is a slow process! Money returned £13

Yield Farming has received the bulk of this months investments. I have played around with farming a number of different single assets and liquidity pairs through the month. By the end of the month though I am only farming 4 different single assets. Invested £2500

FreeTrade investments involved the final moving around of funds from my General Investment Account across to my ISA account. As part of the process I kept some of the funds back as profit. Overall my net investment was negative for the month. Invested -£311

JuicyFields ends my investments for the month. I have started to get returns from my initial investments now so I have reinvested some of the returns and topped up with new money. I only have 1 more purchase to go at the beginning of May and then this investment becomes a self sustaining income generator. Invested £176

Total Invested £2885

Monthly Income

I thought last months income was extraordinary… That was before this months came in! Most of my investments are just ticking along, but Yield farming has created parabolic growth in my income.

TheSunExchange. Another project has come online this month though has only been generating for a few days so not much income. The Southern Hemisphere is heading towards the shorter daylight hours part of the year. Even so the income has held up well. Income £39

CrowdProperty had a real boost to its income this month more than doubling the previous best. EstateGuru on the other hand had almost no income, due to the 3 month bullet repayments creating an un-equal distribution of income across the months. I have received communication from the UOWN team regarding the investment I made with them back in April 2019. The project was severely delayed by Covid but has now completed. They have refinanced and the money is with the solicitors, so it should be in my account for May. Income £64

ElfinMarket had almost no income this month?… This is the consequence of withdrawing all my loans in the Standard account forgoing the interest due. The new funds in the IFISA account don’t start to receive interest until May. Income £0

Euro P2P lending had a fairly quiet month. Fairly normal income was generated by most of the platforms. Lendermarket is almost halved as I am withdrawing funds from them. RoboCash which is now my biggest investment has an unequal distribution of payments and April is a quiet month. Income £15

Invictus IML fund is back up to normal returns with an increase in fund size bringing a nice return. Income £34

Crypto lending across NEXO, Celsius, BlockFi and Luno had a slightly lower BTC price but a significantly higher ETH price. Combined with a higher interest rate on NEXO this month, this has brought a further increase in income from these platforms. Income £160

YieldFarming and Staking has just blown everything else out of the water. I have experimented with a number of high APY liquidity pairs and single assets, some of which paid off and some of which didn’t. By the end of the month I am just farming 4 assets, CAKE, BANANA, BNB and BUSD all on the Binance Smart Chain. Income is measured only as the value of new coins generated. I haven’t included any appreciation value of the underlying assets. Income £1585

FreeTrade dividend income has had a really good month. Partly this is due to reshuffling my portfolio towards dividends and partly due to the mining stocks giving out special dividends. Income £59

JuicyFields has had its 3rd harvest and sale of plants this month. May will have a single harvest as well, but from June onwards there should be 2 harvests per month as I moved to planting every 2 weeks a few months ago. Income £65

Total Passive Income £2025

I’m quite interested to see what will happen with the Yield farming and staking income in the coming months. Is my current income from this sector, just the start of a sustained income stream? Or is it an anomaly that will quickly correct?

🗓Month #17

March 2021

Spring is definitely in the air with one of the hottest March days in 50 years in the UK. Lockdown has started to be lifted and schools are back on this side of the Chanel, due to the successful roll out of our vaccine programme. The numbers of new infections has climbed a little however the numbers of patients requiring hospitalisation or dying has fallen dramatically. Across much of Europe a much slower roll out of their vaccine programs has consequently left them in the midst of a third wave of Covid.

March tends to be a flat month for many investments and so has been the case this month. The stock market has come off its dramatic highs of last year, with tech and renewable stocks taking the greatest hit. They have somewhat stabilised now, but their short term direction of travel is uncertain. Bitcoin and Crypto posted some decent gains before tailing off towards the end of the month.

My strategy aimed at income rather than capital appreciation makes the market prices of various assets much less of a factor for me, allowing me to look on with almost an outsiders dispassionate view.

As you will see later on this has been a bumper month for income, but first let’s have a look at where my investments have been this month.


TheSunExchange received my third investment into the Nhimbe Fresh project, the same as last month. This project has finally closed for funding and is expected to be generating electricity in August. Invested £527

CrowdProperty has a cash drag of £8300 at the end of this month, so no need to invest further. It is going down slowly but surely.

ElfinMarket claimed its current level of investment. In April it will get its regular £100 at the start of the month and then I will open an IFISA account with them after April 6th and transfer my general account across to the ISA. Invested £100

In the world of European P2P investing there was no new money invested but I did shift around some money. I have withdrawn the majority of my investments from the IUVO and Lendermarket and transferred the balance to Moncera and RoboCash. The process is ongoing in my rationalisation of this area.

Invictus IML… There has been some progress with the fees, Invictus has mentioned they are looking to deploy their funds on the Binance Smart Chain which will dramatically drop the fees for interacting with the smart contracts. I am encouraged by this news, so a further investment in this fund should be possible in the upcoming months.

NEXO has changed their interest rates this month. They have dropped their rates for flexible accounts. If you choose to lock up your assets for a month then you can achieve the previous rates. In the locked savings interest is paid out monthly. Due to this change I withdrew my TUSD and GBP savings. The GBP I converted to BTC on the NEXO platform and the TUSD I converted to BTC and transferred to my Celsius wallet. The reason for swapping from fiat/stable coins to BTC is my perception of potential gains over the next 9 months. Net effect was zero investments.

Following last months Yield Farming experiment, I invested a chunk into Staking and Yield Farming. Invested £1640

FreeTrade had a complicated investment journey this month as I sold most of my investments in my General Investment account. I cashed in some healthy gains in my growth stocks and have transitioned to Dividend stocks. I opened an ISA account and transferred £7K across to max out this years ISA allowance. I also withdrew a small amount to my bank account. Net investment -£500

Lastly this month JuicyFields received 2 investments. I only have a couple of further investments to make in JuicyFields before it becomes self sustaining and compounding. Invested £261

Total Invested £1963

Monthly Income

Earnings this month have really exploded 💥. I was impressed with last months increase, but this months has been an eye-opener.

TheSunExchange was expected to post lower earnings compared to last month, but they must have had a sunny month in South Africa as the earnings are up. Income £44

CrowdProperty and EstateGuru both posted steady incomes. Dependable and reliable. Income £32

ElfinMarket continues to increase its returns and should start to look really healthy once I invest more heavily in its IFISA account in the coming months. Income £11

Euro P2P is back up to a healthy income. As I am not currently adding to this investment class, just rationalising into fewer platform I am not expecting much change in the future. Income £27

The Invictus IML fund had a disappointing month with a slow and steady growth. I have grown to expect more from this investment, but I suppose every month can’t be an increase on the last. Income £23

My Crypto Lending continues to benefit from the bull run with steady increases in income complimented by fantastic increases in the value of the underlying assets. Income £137

Now this is where things start to look interesting… Following on from my dabble into Crypto Staking and Yield Farming at the end of last month, this month has seen a full month of returns. It is truly mind blowing what is available if you look carefully and manage your risk. Not all of my investments were successful so there were some negative returns but overall the result was extremely positive. The bulk of the income comes from staking CAKE tokens from Pancake Swap, but there are also some smaller contributions as well. Income £568

Income from FreeTrade this month is on par with previous months. I have now transitioned to a much more dividend rich portfolio so I should see an increase coming in the next few months. Income £16

Lastly this month is a new income stream. My initial investments in crowd-growing with JuicyFields 4 months ago have now harvested and been sold creating my first income. I have made further repeated investments so this should now be a regular income. Next months should be a little smaller, followed by an income similar to this month the following month. The following 4 months should be double with an increasing trend thereafter. Income £81

Total Passive Income £941

In the next few weeks HMRC is going to update its tax advice regarding Cryptocurrency investments. It should cover Crypto Lending, Staking and Yield Farming income, so I am watching with baited breath to see how this will pan out.

Re-Shuffle of investments

9th March 2021

It’s the last month of the tax year and it is worth considering where I am at and my plans for the next tax year.

I have only deployed £13000 into my ISA allowance this year and that has all been with CrowdProperty. That leaves me with £7000 allowance not yet deployed. CrowdProperty isn’t the place to top up at the moment. Due to the popularity of the platform it is really slow to deploy the funds I already have deposited with them. It may take most of the next tax year to fully deploy them at this rate. Although I would love to put more money into CrowdProperty, it doesn’t make financial sense if it just sits there not ‘working’. I am limited to only one IFISA each year so that rules out any other IFISA product this month.

I haven’t invested in a stocks and shares ISA this year so this could be just the opportunity do do that. I have already got Stocks and Shares ISAs with BMO and L&G from previous years. Instead of topping these up I think it would be just the right time to jump across to the ISA product in my FreeTrade account. At the time of writing stocks are taking a battering and this could be just the right time to be out of the market for a few days as I transfer my general investment account across to an ISA account. I will endeavour to transfer all £7000 across in the remaining part of this month. The rest of my FreeTrade portfolio I will transfer next month.

FreeTrade. While transferring my assets from my general account to my ISA account, this is a great opportunity to rebalance my portfolio. I am going to cash in some of the gains from my growth stocks and up my investments into high yielding dividend stocks. I’d like at least £100 in dividends coming in every month at this point, instead of the £10-20 that I am currently getting.

ElfinMarket. I have definitely decided to open an IFISA account with ElfinMarket in April. The income is steady and stable and will be tax free. I have check in their terms and conditions and I should be able to withdraw my current investment and transfer it over to the ISA account without much problem. Again I think a nice round number of £100 per month, interest would be nice. To achieve that I will need around £10,000 deposited based on how much I am earning on my current deposit levels.

Crypto Lending. I had around £1000 in USD stable coins and a further £1000 in GBP on the NEXO platform earning me 10% APR. Although this is very good interest, I have decided to convert it all to BTC for the rest of the current crypto bull run. There are much more gains to be had in BTC for the coming months than a mere 10% per annum. As the bull run comes to an end and BTC tops out I will convert a significant amount of my BTC back to stable coins to earn a stable interest moving forward.

Crypto Staking and Yield Farming. I’ve had a fun couple of weeks learning my way around this investment sphere. Conclusion… Staking is relatively low risk and very passive. There are excellent returns to be had with very little downside risk, unless a platform rug-pulls. Yield farming on the other hand can have extra+ordinary returns, but with significant downside risk and a lot of time invested in tracking your investments. I will be staying away from Yield farming, but am happy to invest further in Staking. I’m also going to stick to the more established players in the market.

JuicyFields. I’m really torn between 2 strategies here. It is a nice business model, but I am not 100% secure in my faith in the platform. for that reason I feel the need to take out my original investment as early as possible leaving only profits moving forward. I can continue with my original plan of investing small and having a small regular income coming in. I will be able to get my original investment back after around a year and still be able to grow my income slowly. Alternatively I could invest big and them withdraw my original investment after 4 months leaving a sizeable amount to provide a steady and increasing income. 🤷‍♂️ I will need to ponder further on this one. In the mean time I will continue with the smaller principle with a longer time frame strategy.

🗓Month #16

February 2021

The depths of winter in the UK, just before spring erupts. Covid Vaccinations are in full swing, with the glimmer of hope that the restrictions placed on the population will be relaxed progressively through the year.

It’s been an interesting month, with theWallStreetBets group battling with the short traders, both in the stock market and the crypto markets. Fascinating to watch but definitely one to avoid getting drawn into. To me it looked like lofty anti-establishment ideals covering up classic pump-and-dump schemes.

My investment strategy is developing and maturing somewhat. My scattergun approach last year has shown me which areas to concentrate on and which to pause or pull back from. I’m still interested to learn about new income streams, so there is a few new areas being investigated.

So on with the detail…


A real rationalisation of my investments this month.

TheSunExchange project this month is the same one as 2 months ago. It is outside of South Africa and has the income denominated in USD to protect it from currency fluctuations. It also has a fixed payout, unrelated to monthly changes in energy consumption, which will provide more stability to the income through the year. Invested £543

CrowdProperty still has £9000 of un-deployed assets, so no further investment. I have though of investing the money elsewhere for a short time until the assets are able to be deployed, but I am not sure I want to be that aggressive.

EstateGuru is certainly on my radar for further investment, but it’s not where my focus is at the moment

ElfinMarket received my regular £100 investment again this month. With the slow deployment of assets in crowd property it is becoming more likely that Elfin Market will get a significant chunk of next years ISA allowance. Invested £100

Euro P-2-P lending hasn’t received any investment. I have shifted some assets from Lendermarket to RoboCash. I am planning to continue to rationalise which platforms my funds are in. With regards to ongoing investment, I am not sure the risk Vs rewards is really worth it.

Invictus IML is still prohibitively expensive to invest in due to the high gas fees on the Etherium network, so again no investment.

In the crypto lending world things are really hotting up. This has seen a new high for BTC just above $58K followed by a correction as low as $43K. Wild stuff. I added to my BTC holdings, choosing Celsius for this months deposit. Invested £1237

New to this months investments is Staking and Yield Farming in the crypto world. The summer of 2020 was big for yield farming on the ETH network. This is now playing out on the new Binance Smart Chain (BSC), so I thought I would dive in. I’ve tested the waters, staking some CAKE tokens on the PancakeSwap platform. Invested £500

FreeTrade has had its regular investment. Invested £500

Lastly this month, JuicyFields received an increased investment as my confidence has grown with the platform. The first returns have hit my account on the 1st of March, though this won’t show up in this February summary. This is looking good for now. Invested £346

Total invested £3226

Monthly Income

This months income posts another healthy boost, breaching the £300 mark for the first time. crypto in various forms is responsible for this, so we will have to see how successful this is once this years bull market reverses. For now it is worth riding the wave. So on to the details…

TheSunExchange is now on the downward path towards winter for earnings. This month is down from last months peak, even with another project coming online. Income £40

CrowdProperty saw another solid month. No contribution from EstateGuru though this month. Income £28

ElfinMarket continued to post a standard return. Income £9

Euro P2P couldn’t match last months results but posted a steady amount in line with previous months. Income £12

The Invictus IML fund had a great month growing at its largest rate to date. Income £38

Crypto lending reflects the increase in price of the underlying assets namely BTC and to a lesser extent ETH this month. NEXO contributed a healthy £67. BlockFi added another £37. Celsius followed up with £17. And finally Luno almost made it to £1. Income £121

Yield Farming is the new addition to the income flow this month. Despite only investing for 7 days at the end of the month, my £500 brought in over 10%. This will be something to invest heavily into in the coming months I think. Income £51

Lastly this month there is the dividend income from FreeTrade. A little down from last month but not by much. Income £17

Total Passive Income £320.03

🗓Month #15

January 2021

The start of 2021 and no let up of the volatility seen last year. New Covid lockdowns in the UK and abroad. A transfer of power in the US as Biden is inaugurated with a shift in world dynamics.


Let’s start with TheSunExchange. My regular investment this month went to the same project that I invested with in November. It’s a big project and has taken time to reach its funding goals. A few days after my investment, the funding round completed and they are already installing the solar array. Invested £321

CrowdProperty still has plenty of funds not yet deployed. I’m not expecting to need to add further funds for a number of months, though I may top up in March to capture this years ISA allowance. That will allow me to fund a different IFISA next year. Invested £0

ElfinMarket received my regular investment. I’m thinking of investing next years IFISA into ElfinMarket, I have a few months to think about it. Invested £100

In the world of Euro P2P lending I have decided to rationalise my investments. I have turned off my Auto-Invest settings on Viventor, IUVO and LenderMarket. As the loans complete I intend to withdraw my funds and redistribute to my other platforms. Let’s wait and see how that goes. On a macro scale the Covid pandemic still has a while to run and this is impacting the P2P lending market. I’m not keen on adding any further funds at present as I’m not in favour of the risk profile. Invested £0

In the crypto lending world, I see this as a great year for BTC. I have held off investing in the Invictus IML fund for the same reasons as last month regarding high gas fees. I have however invested a chunk into BTC. With Celsius I have bought and deposited £1815 worth of BTC. In NEXO I have deposited BTC to the value of £973. As with last month this was a conversion of NEXO tokens to BTC. A few days later I then deposited £1432 worth of BTC also to NEXO. Across NEXO, BlockFi and Celsius I now hold a total of 0.54 BTC. I would like to hold a whole BTC but I’m not sure how realistic that is. I see BTC in an accumulation phase while it remains below $50k. After that I will probably stop adding funds to this investment. Total invested £4220

Lastly this month I have invested in JuicyFields. I am still not very confident in this venture but there are only positive signs at the moment. Invested £135

Total invested £5276

Monthly Income

On checking last months figures I have made a minor adjustment down, but last months income remains just above the £200 mark. The month of January has seen another significant jump, catapulting past the £250 mark. Let’s see the breakdown…

TheSunExchange has hit the peak sunshine month for the Southern Hemisphere, so the earnings reflect this. The total number of live projects remains the same and most of them posted an increase in earnings for the month. The next project is up and running and will go live in the early part of February. Hopefully this will partially offset the drop in earnings from the other projects. Income £46

CrowdProperty has started to complete on a number of my initial loans so the income is becoming more regular, with an increase to £27 this month. I would expect at my current investment level for this to flatten out around the £40 per month. With the whole £16000 deployed, this would rise to £100 per month. EstateGuru continues to perform, bringing in a further £6. Income £33

ElfinMarket continues to punch above its weight considering the size of investment. Income £10

Euro P2P has had a great month. A number of platforms posted increased earnings, namely Debitum, ViaInvest and RoboCash. Moncera and Lendermarket have always had good earnings and this continued. Income £37

Invictus IML although is designated in USD and therefore not benefitting from the rise in BTC, has had a great month. Increased Volatility in the crypto space has lead to higher margin lending rates and so the fund has made some great gains this month. Income £35

Crypto lending has had a great month primarily due to the increases in the price of BTC. The interest rates have remained the same, but the value of the earned BTC and ETH has gone up markedly. Interest rates are similar across NEXO, BlockFi and Celsius. My BTC holdings in both NEXO and Celsius increased this month adding to the increase in income. I have a small amount of interest coming in from LUNO but this is insignificant at the moment. Income £84

FreeTrade brought in its second highest dividend this month but considering the amount invested is still reasonably small. The main reason being that I have heavily invested in growth stocks this year due to the market conditions. Income £19

Total Income £268