Net Worth Update

April 2022

This is just a quick update on my Net worth, coinciding with the annual Tax year in the UK.

I have invested a total of £26882 this year into my investments. Quite a lot less than last year.

My Endowment Policy that I took out in 1998 has almost run its 25 year term. It is due to mature in 2023. Overall it has been a passable investment. I have been investing £200 per month for the last 24 years, though the first 5 years were at a lower rate. Overall I think I have invested about £42000 and it’s now sitting at £98000. I’ll have to come up with a plan for the money when it matures!

My 2 historical stocks and shares ISA’s have both grown nicely over the last year. My active FreeTrade account has had money invested into it this year. The stocks have been primarily Dividend payers and so the growth is quite flat.

My CrowdProperty ISA has reduced in value. This is due to the Auto Invest feature not being able to invest any faster than the loans are maturing. I had a lot of cash drag with uninvested funds. For this reason I withdrew a chunk and moved it elsewhere. I could have manually invested, but this goes against my desire to have this investment as a hands off investment.

ElfinMarket is a slow and steady income payer. I have invested a large share of my ISA allowance for the year this year which represents most of the growth. I will have to decide in the next few weeks if it will be getting my IFISA allowance this year as well.

€P2P lending is reduced this year. I have pulled out of Estate Guru, a platforms that I rate highly, but wasn’t worth the risk as after tax I could achieve the same results from CrowdProperty in the UK. I have been slowly pulling out of the rest of my P2P loan investments which represents the rest of the fall in value across this sector.

My Crypto portfolio has had a steady increase despite the market being very flat over the last 12 months. Primarily this is due to gains in DeFi. This is certainly not following the ethos of TheLazyWay2FIRE. It requires a lot of attention, but does provide entertainment, so I don’t mind.

Lastly my new investment in JuicyFields is growing steadily. I have stopped investing in this and am actively withdrawing some of the profits while also compounding the rest, so it should continue to grow.

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