🗓Month #22

August 2021

August is normally a quiet month in the investing world, as people in the northern hemisphere are away on holiday. I’ve managed to visit most of the UK this month, Northern Ireland, Scotland and England. I’ll have to make another trip to Wales to complete the home nations. Stocks and shares remain strong and so does crypto. Crypto appears to be making a gradual slow climb, which is just what we need.

🦠 Corona Virus remains a threat, but this doesn’t seem to be hampering the gradual opening up of society! Cases are rising in areas of high social mixing, but hospital numbers and deaths are still manageable.

My income has jumped nicely this month posting its second largest value. Crypto has been a significant component, but also Juicy Fields has been a big contributor.


The Sun Exchange has received an investment this month. The project is a recycling plant which makes me feel better about the world and my place in it.😁 Invested £318

ElfinMarket. Following the plan, I invested £1000 into my IFISA account. Invested £1000

Euro P2P has not received any new investment but I have started to withdraw some capital as the loans mature. This month I withdrew £151 from Moncera and £80 from Lendermarket. Withdrawn £231

NEXO once again received my crypto lending investment. Most of the money isn’t new money, it’s actually crypto assets that I already hold that I have transferred over to NEXO. I also have taken some money out of Yield farming and sent it across to NEXO. My ETH holding at NEXO has increased to 2.5 and I now have my 8 BNB sitting there. Invested £3936

FreeTrade. This months investment went to top up another big dividend payer, Ferrexpo. It received £500 of new money. Invested £500

Yield Farming has been a net contributor this month as I moved some assets over to NEXO. Withdrawn £3128

Juicy Fields also has been a net contributor with a withdrawal. Withdrawn £431

Total Invested £1963

Monthly Income

Back on the rocket going to the moon 🚀. Some of the income streams I’m expecting to dry up are still paying. Crypto is performing well once again and Juicy Fields has had its first big payout month.

TheSunExchange. The winter slump is officially over. The days are getting longer and income is back on the rise. I’m hoping to hit £100 at the height of the summer this January. Income £37

CrowdProperty under performed once again, but this is obviously just how the finish time for the various projects has fallen. EstateGuru didn’t offer any income this month. Only 2 loans left to mature before I can pull all my remaining capital out. Income £32

ElfinMarket income is continuing to increase with a continued investment. This month the income has increased by another £9. Income £34

Euro P2P lending has surprisingly held steady for another month. Normal income was generated by most of the platforms. I am expecting to see a fall in the next month as I slowly withdraw my funds. Income £20

Invictus IML fund has underperformed once again. The fund growth has been fairly modest. As it is based on USD lending, I already have other products that do this through decentralised finance. I think I am going to close this fund next month and put the money into crypto and DeFi. Income £10

Crypto lending across NEXO, Celsius, BlockFi and Luno remains good. All 4 platforms posted increased income due to the higher price of the underlying crypto assets. Income £238

YieldFarming and Staking is not going ballistic, but there is loads of new opportunities around on different layer 1 and layer 2 networks. I have added BANANA back on the BSC network. I’ve also started staking UST on the Anchor protocol. I’m planning Anchor to be my major USD stablecoin income generator when I liquidate my crypto. Interest rates are about 20% on Anchor. Next month I am diversifying onto the fantom network 🤞 . Income £648

FreeTrade I was expecting August to be a quiet month for dividends, but it has really surprised. Mostly the extra has come from a dividend from Ferrexpo. Income £119

JuicyFields has brought in its first large crop, from the 20 plants I bought back in May. August has also had 3 smaller harvests, so all in all a great month. Next month won’t have a 20 plant harvest so it will be more modest but October should be another big one. Income £588

Total Passive Income £1728

What a great month. September won’t have as large a contribution from Juicy Fields so I am expecting a reduction in income. I am expecting further crypto increases so let’s see where the dust settles.

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