Re-Shuffle of investments

9th March 2021

It’s the last month of the tax year and it is worth considering where I am at and my plans for the next tax year.

I have only deployed £13000 into my ISA allowance this year and that has all been with CrowdProperty. That leaves me with £7000 allowance not yet deployed. CrowdProperty isn’t the place to top up at the moment. Due to the popularity of the platform it is really slow to deploy the funds I already have deposited with them. It may take most of the next tax year to fully deploy them at this rate. Although I would love to put more money into CrowdProperty, it doesn’t make financial sense if it just sits there not ‘working’. I am limited to only one IFISA each year so that rules out any other IFISA product this month.

I haven’t invested in a stocks and shares ISA this year so this could be just the opportunity do do that. I have already got Stocks and Shares ISAs with BMO and L&G from previous years. Instead of topping these up I think it would be just the right time to jump across to the ISA product in my FreeTrade account. At the time of writing stocks are taking a battering and this could be just the right time to be out of the market for a few days as I transfer my general investment account across to an ISA account. I will endeavour to transfer all £7000 across in the remaining part of this month. The rest of my FreeTrade portfolio I will transfer next month.

FreeTrade. While transferring my assets from my general account to my ISA account, this is a great opportunity to rebalance my portfolio. I am going to cash in some of the gains from my growth stocks and up my investments into high yielding dividend stocks. I’d like at least £100 in dividends coming in every month at this point, instead of the £10-20 that I am currently getting.

ElfinMarket. I have definitely decided to open an IFISA account with ElfinMarket in April. The income is steady and stable and will be tax free. I have check in their terms and conditions and I should be able to withdraw my current investment and transfer it over to the ISA account without much problem. Again I think a nice round number of £100 per month, interest would be nice. To achieve that I will need around £10,000 deposited based on how much I am earning on my current deposit levels.

Crypto Lending. I had around £1000 in USD stable coins and a further £1000 in GBP on the NEXO platform earning me 10% APR. Although this is very good interest, I have decided to convert it all to BTC for the rest of the current crypto bull run. There are much more gains to be had in BTC for the coming months than a mere 10% per annum. As the bull run comes to an end and BTC tops out I will convert a significant amount of my BTC back to stable coins to earn a stable interest moving forward.

Crypto Staking and Yield Farming. I’ve had a fun couple of weeks learning my way around this investment sphere. Conclusion… Staking is relatively low risk and very passive. There are excellent returns to be had with very little downside risk, unless a platform rug-pulls. Yield farming on the other hand can have extra+ordinary returns, but with significant downside risk and a lot of time invested in tracking your investments. I will be staying away from Yield farming, but am happy to invest further in Staking. I’m also going to stick to the more established players in the market.

JuicyFields. I’m really torn between 2 strategies here. It is a nice business model, but I am not 100% secure in my faith in the platform. for that reason I feel the need to take out my original investment as early as possible leaving only profits moving forward. I can continue with my original plan of investing small and having a small regular income coming in. I will be able to get my original investment back after around a year and still be able to grow my income slowly. Alternatively I could invest big and them withdraw my original investment after 4 months leaving a sizeable amount to provide a steady and increasing income. 🤷‍♂️ I will need to ponder further on this one. In the mean time I will continue with the smaller principle with a longer time frame strategy.

2 thoughts on “Re-Shuffle of investments

  1. I would be careful in becoming too over-diversified over too many platforms and complicating things more than they need to be and giving yourself a lot of admin work…unless you enjoy that side of it of course.
    Having your CrowdProperty, FreeTrade, ElfinMarket, Crypto Lending, Crypto Staking and Yield Farming, JuicyFields and your Stocks and Shares ISAs with BMO and L&G spreads your money pretty thinly unless you have tonnes in each.
    I’ve actually started consolidating so I have less shares to think about in my Freetrade account.
    I haven’t heard of most of these other platforms though and am always wary of these new ways of lending/ investing…but interesting to learn about them nonetheless 🙂

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    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment. I agree that I am over diversified, though I do enjoy the admin at the moment. I too am wary of most of the newer platforms, but I am fairly sure the world of finance is changing and these newer platforms represent the future.
      I’m still learning, so I am trying out lots of avenues. As my experience grows I will undoubtably bin a few platforms and consolidate around my favourites.

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