🗓Month #14

December 2020

The end of a quite remarkable year. The world will never be the same again. 🦠


A shift in focus is evident in my investments this month.

My regular investment with TheSunExchange turned out to be on the pricier side, so £542 went in this direction. The project is their first outside South Africa and has a slightly different payment structure. This one will pay out a regular amount every month regardless of generation, so won’t ebb and flow with the seasons. It is also using USD as the base currency, insulating it from the effects of ZAR exchange rates. My income will still be in BTC though. Invested £542

No property development investments this month. CrowdProperty has over £9000 not yet invested, so there is little point adding any more to the platform at the moment. As you can see from the chart property partner is now off my list of investments, having closed the account last month. Invested £0

ElfinMarket saw my regular £100 standing order. As did FreeTrade, with a further investment of £500.

In the world of Euro P2P platforms, I topped up my investment in ViaInvest. Nothing extra in this realm. Invested £371

Crypto is the big winner this month. I am very bullish on the crypto market in 2021. If BTC follows previous cycles then this will be an extraordinary year. As mentioned previously the fees of making multiple small investments were significant so I have opted to make larger investments less often. For that reason I didn’t top up my IML fund or add to my NEXO TUSD fund. What I did do is buy a load of BTC. New money has gone into BlockFi and now I am diversifying into the Celsius platform. The significant chunk that has gone into NEXO is actually a transfer. I have held a lot of NEXO tokens for years and they recently sky-rocketed in value. I have sold a portion of them and bought BTC placing it on the NEXO platform to earn interest. Invested £2495

Finally this month I have made 2 small investments into coffee loans (EhicHub) and Cannabis farming (JuicyFields). Just to see what happens. Invested £173

Total monthly Investment £4392

Monthly Income

Following on from last months fantastic earnings, seeing me catapult past my £150 target and bring in £182, I have had another good month with a rewarding increase in earnings.

TheSunExchange is coming into the peak months for solar generation, earning £42 this month. January should also be good, but after that the days will be getting shorter. Income £42

Development loans had a great month earning £30. It was a good month for CrowdProperty, but EstateGuru made a considerable contribution. Income £30

A steady increase from ElfinMarket and a good month from Euro P2P lending. Income £25

Crypto is where the big gains have come from. The IML fund had a steady month, but my BTC interest is where the performance has really jumped. Not only do I have more assets earning interest, but the value of BTC has soared over the last month resulting in the £GBP value of the BTC interest growing significantly. A whopping rise to £70 in interest from my crypto assets. Income £92

Finally I had a modest month from FreeTrade. As mentioned last month I will be shifting my focus towards dividend paying stocks on FreeTrade in the coming few months. Income £9

Total income £201

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