🗓Month #12

October 2020


Not too much excitement in my investments this month. Another project funded on TheSunExchange. A regular £500 to CrowdProperty and £100 to ElfinMarket.

In the Euro P2P world I received an email from Debitum Network informing me that they are increasing the minimum investment on the platform to £500. As such I was forced to increase my investment or close my position. I had a good look at the platform and decided it was worth the added investment, so I deposited another £500. As such I didn’t make any further investments in P2P, though I had intended to top up my RoboCash position. I will leave that to next month.

My regular crypto deposits went in along with £500 to FreeTrade.

Total investments £2307

Monthly Income

My first real month of reduced income 🥺. A number of variable have come together to make this happen.

It starts well with TheSunExchange posting another increase in income. I would expect this trend to continue all the way to January.

Development loans income dropped a bit this month. The big difference was with EstateGuru, it had posted a great return last month and almost nothing this month.

Elfin Market seems very steady, I like this investment, though the returns are more modest at 6%. Euro P2P lending was also steady this month

There was a significant drop in income from crypto this month. Margin lending rates have been a bit flat leading to slower growth of the IML fund. The returns from the other crypto was steady but didn’t benefit from the referral bonus that last month had.

Dividends from FreeTrade are also down significantly this month.

Although there has been a significant drop in income this month it is still my second best month, so maybe it is more a factor of how good last month was. Will I make £150 next month. Not sure…

Total income £114.62

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