🗓Month #7

May 2020


With the Covid pandemic in full swing, I continued with an increased investment level to FreeTrade at £780, snapping up some stocks that are likely to do well in the next year.

With my property development P2P portfolio, I have decided not to further diversify in the UK as I am very happy with CrowdProperty. I have started to look into the Euro P2P market. It looks to be on the riskier side with many platforms struggling due to defaulted loans thanks to Covid. There is a real sort out of the platforms with many ceasing to trade and some scam platforms being exposed. What I have found is what looks to be the best property P2P platform in Europe, EstateGuru. It seems to be sailing through the Covid pandemic quite smoothly. I have made an initial trial investment of €100.

Another addition this month is a diversification of my Cryptocurrency portfolio. Most of the Crypto investments since November have been with the stable coin TUSD which is earning me a steady income at 10% pa. I have kept my new crypto choice narrow, sticking with BTC and ETH, but have chosen to diversify my platform risk, by investing using a different platform called BlockFi. Most of this months investment into BlockFi isn’t new money, but mopping up lots of BTC and ETH that I already had in various other places.

Total investment £2733

Monthly Income

A big jump this month to make up for the flat month in April. Increased earnings from TheSunExchange as new projects continue to offset the shorter days. A small but steady increase in interest from CrowdProperty. There was a big jump in the Invictus fund with a better exchange rate coupled with much higher interest rates in the crypto lending market. My other Crypto holdings continue to have a slow steady increase in interest earnings. A good month for dividends from FreeTrade.

Total income £52

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