🗓Month #32

June 2022

The fallout from the collapse of the Terra system is still being felt. 3 Arrows capital has filed for bankruptcy. Celsius has halted withdrawals as it hits a liquidity crisis. BlockFi is also on the rocks. Luckily for me I exited BlockFi a number of months ago, and I managed to take my BTC out of Celsius a few days before they closed the doors to withdrawals. A lucky escape!

What else is new? My first full months income from BullRide comes through this month. Also my Helium miner arrived and has been deployed, giving me my first income from Helium mining.

On with the investment detail…


ElfinMarket. My rock of an investment gets its normal monthly allocation. Invested £1000

Free Trade. My net investment this month is actually around zero. The funds arrived from exiting my general investment account on FreeTrade. I re-invested the £1500 into my ISA account. In a bid to give myself even dividend coverage through the year, I put most of the transferred funds into another green energy fund called Algonquin and also topped up my Iron Mountain holdings. Also to note is my Enterprise products shares got re-classified as not suitable for the ISA so I had to sell these and re-invest the money there as well. The money from Enterprise went towards topping up Forsight Solar and Greencoat Wind which pay dividends at the same time. Invested £0

JuicyFields. This is my risky play this month and probably one I would not recommend as it makes me slightly uncomfortable. On the NEXO platform I have enough collateral to take out a loan at zero % interest so I have utilised this to put more money into JF. The intention is to take out the whole principle in 108 days to pay back the loan and let the profits ride. Let’s see how that turns out! 😳 Invested £3825

Total Invested £4825

Monthly Income

I am expecting slightly lower income this month. Last month had a stellar return from JuicyFields as there were 5 weeks return instead of the usual 4. This wont be repeated this month so there is a drop off of income. That said, there will be some compensation from a rising income from YieldNodes and new income streams from BullRide and my Helium Miner.

On with the detail…

TheSunExchange. The shortest month of daylight hours is upon us in the Southern Hemisphere so we should be around the lowest point for income from the solar panels. Looking at the last 2 years July has been the lowest month. This month and last month have been less than expected as the Nhimbe Fresh project has had problems with their International Bank, which hopefully will be resolved soon. Income £31.84

BullRide. After 9 days of income last month, this is the first full month of revenue from my electric scooter in Norway. We are getting into the summer months and I’m not sure how the use alters throughout the year, but I assume there is some seasonal effect. The income seems to be higher at the weekends than in the weekdays so there is a recreational use effect. I am fairly happy with the return though for the month. I think I will need to see a few more months to make a judgment call on buying more scooters or not. Income £44

CrowdProperty Income from loans completing seems to be back to normal with a nice and steady return. Looking at my deployed funds I seem to be taking on new loans at a similar rate to loans completing so I am at a static position overall. Income £68

ElfinMarket Income has held above the £100 mark for the second month so I can expect this to continue rising from here on in. At the end of this tax year I will be close to £200 a month and will need to make a decision on how much collateral I want to have tied up in the platform as it is becoming a significant investment. Income £101

Euro P2P The income keeps tricking in from my P2P European investments. Income £14

YieldFarming and Staking Almost all my income in this category is now from YieldNodes. The returns are monthly and paid out at the beginning of the month for the previous month. I have set my profits to be 50:50 split between withdrawal and re-investment so the capital is growing and I am slowly de-risking. I have also included my Helium miner in this group which is making a small contribution of about £22 this month. Income £461

Crypto lending across NEXO, Celsius, and Luno is in a period of flux. I have taken all my BTC out of Celsius and transferred it to NEXO, just 2 days before they halted withdrawals from Celsius. My hope is that NEXO wont be next to fall under the contagion running through crypto lending platforms. My income on the NEXO platform is massively reduced this month as most of my collateral is supporting the loan I took out and so it no longer attracts interest. As the loan is paid back over the next few months the income should return. LUNO is also undergoing some changes, they have stopped the interest product for UK customers and so this income stream is stopping. I will have to decide what to do with the funds sitting there. I have a few ideas but that will be something for July. Income £104

JuicyFields has only had the usual 4 weeks return this month so we are a chunk less than last month. It’s still a significant amount of my monthly income just under £1000. Next month should be really similar, but then in August I have another 5 week month. I help out on the companies Telegram chat and have negotiated a small payment, so this will be contributing to the income here from September. September is also when my risky loan purchase of plants matures so the income that month should be stunning if everything goes to plan. Income £983

FreeTrade has had an excellent month. There was a surprise extra dividend of £63 from Ferrexpo adding to a busy month for dividends. I should be back to more modest amounts for the next 2 months and then another busy month in September. Income £143

Total Passive Income £1952

If things keep ticking along as they are I should be consistently above £2000 per month for the rest of the year. I am considering going back into my work pension so my deployable capital will decrease significantly. The flip side is that my monthly passive income is now reaching self sustainability. As long as I don’t need to withdraw any funds for monthly expenses, I should be able to compound my returns and my income should continue to grow nicely.

🗓Month #31

May 2022

Covid hasn’t gone away, but its impact is now reserved to supply chain issues from enthusiastic lockdowns. In countries that have decided to live with Covid its effect on society is limited as immunity levels are high in the community.

The Ukraine war has taken a pivot. Russia has pulled out of the North and is redirecting all its efforts to the East. They are also blockading the ports to the South which is limiting the exports of grain and other goods. This is going to produce a worldwide food shortage the likes of which we haven’t experienced.

The biggest story for my investments though is the total collapse of the Terra ecosystem within crypto. I had 200 LUNA tokens locked and staked that at one point had been worth just over $100 each. Over the course of 24 hours they became completely worthless. I also had some UST tokens that were the bulk of my yield rewards. The LUNA I could do nothing about as my tokens were locked. The UST I was able to exit at a discount as the UST de-pegged from the USD. The result… The LUNA were not earning much income so the biggest effect is the loss of capital. The UST I have withdrawn and redeployed. It will reduce my yield earnings going forward but at least I was able to salvage something.

One of the positives from redeploying my UST is that I now have joined the 1Bitcoin club 🎉. Next on my hit list is to build up my Ethereum holdings which currently sit at around 4.3 ETH

What else is new? I have discovered BullRide which is an Electric Scooter leaseback company. I have bought a scooter on the secondary market and it has started to bring in an income, deployed in Norway.

On with the investment detail…


ElfinMarket. My rock of an investment gets its normal monthly allocation. Invested £1000

BullRide. This is my new experiment this month. I have bought an Electric scooter which has joined a fleet of scooters in Norway. I have leased it to a company that hires them out in the cities. I get a daily share of the fleets revenue. It’s a 3 year lease that should bring in 2-3 times my initial outlay. It’s a similar model to The Sun Exchange but on a shorter timescale. Invested £978

Staking and Yield Farming. Luckily I decided to move some UST from Anchor at the beginning of the month over to Yield Nodes. I wish I had moved it all but hindsight is wonderful. In total I moved £2013. The money I put into Aperture finance for the delta neutral strategy I was able to withdraw and sell the UST at a discount. It got transferred over to BTC which I placed on NEXO. Mostly I have spent the month licking my wounds and so no new money has gone into Staking and Yield farming. Invested £0

Free Trade. Doubling down on my Ferrexpo investment I have increased my holding yet again. They seem to be surviving the Ukraine war, and so I am hopeful for the future. I have also decided to sell my remaining shares in my General account and transfer the money over to the ISA account. I see no reason to earn any dividend income that would need to be taxed. The sale only went through at the end of the month so the funds wont be cleared for transferring until next month. Invested £500

Total Invested £2478

Monthly Income

Despite my disastrous loss of capital in the LUNA ecosystem and my withdrawal from UST income on Anchor and Aperture finance, my income has significantly broken above the £2000 mark. I’m expecting a dip next month as the income from JuicyFields will be significantly lower, but this should be partially offset by an increase from YieldNodes and the start of income generation from BullRide.

On with the detail…

TheSunExchange. As we move into the winter months in South Africa there is always a bit less sunshine . Income £37

BullRide. My scooter was bought on the secondary market so revenue started the very next day. I managed 9 days of revenue which so far indicates I should at least get my return on investment back. With regards to making a profit I will need some more data. Income £12

CrowdProperty This months income is again on the modest side as only a few loans are paid back. None of them have defaulted but they are taking their time to complete. Income £13

ElfinMarket Income for this month breached the £100 for the first time. It has moved into the realms of a significant investment psychologically. Income £103

Euro P2P lending is fairly static as expected. I am still a number of months away from exiting the platforms with the long term loans. Income £11

Crypto lending across NEXO, Celsius, and Luno has taken a significant hit. There has been a massive sell off in the crypto world following the LUNA collapse. It has now stabilised but has hit my income significantly. Income £184

YieldFarming and Staking has been the most troublesome of my investments. It has the potential to be a massive income stream but is fraught with risks. I lost my income stream from LUNA, UST on Anchor and UST on Aperture finance all within 24 hrs. I was able to rescue the UST and redeploy it, but for now the LUNA is worthless. On the plus side my confidence in YieldNodes has increased significantly and I have increased my investment there. It is now responsible for all my staking income. Income £347

JuicyFields is the investment that just keeps giving. The company is going from strength to strength and transparency is now really good. This month had 5 harvests so had an extra income from a large week. Next month will be a month without the boost and should be about £500 less. Income £1508

FreeTrade has had a strong month, up 85% on the same time last year. There should be a continued strong run through to the Autumn. I am on the search for a companion to Iron Mountain which is a solitary earner in October. I think I have found a green energy company with dividends at the appropriate intervals. My aim is to get my dividends over the psychological hurdle of £100 per month by the end of the year. Income £78

Total Passive Income £2299

Despite such a disastrous loss of capital in the LUNA ecosystem, my income was only minimally hit. In fact this month turned out to be my best month yet, breaking strongly above the £2000 mark. I’m not sure if that is sustainable next month but I am well on course for my yearly target of being above £2000 on a monthly basis by November.

🗓Month #30

April 2022

Vive la France!

France has gone to the polls to elect their president. In the final run-off between the top 2 candidates from the first round, Macron faced off against Marine La Penne. Luckily for Europe, France rejected the far right narrative and voted Macron back in for another term. All is not lost in European politics.

The war in Ukraine continues, with an increase in support for Ukraine from western allies, notably the US, UK, Poland and the Baltic states. Europe also is still funding the Russian state through Oil and Gas purchases which is causing a problem. Russia has cut off supplies of gas to Poland and Bulgaria after they refused to pay in Rubbles. Germany being one of the most dependent European nations on Russian gas is slowly extracting itself from dependency giving them more freedom to support Ukraine. Rhetoric from Putin is increasing, threatening Nuclear retaliation for NATO support of Ukraine. All very troubling.

On a financial front, inflation is ramping up with supply chain issues and the fall out of money printing from the Covid pandemic. Mix in the increase in oil and gas prices due to the war and we are in a perfect storm.

The stock market has been very gittery, with tech stocks taking a big hit. The crypto market is also struggling. Crypto seems to be in sync with the regular stock market at the moment, reacting to macroeconomic factors.

On with the investment detail…


Same as last month, the ISA restrictions has given me a choice between Elfin Market and FreeTrade. Elfin Market got the nod. Then I had a moment of clarity and it dawned on me that I could make a Free trade investment as well as long as it was after April 6th, so the next tax year.

It’s nice to be back in yield farming. I’ve put in some new money but also moved some money over from my crypto holdings into yield farming. It’s definitely the most interesting investment area.

ElfinMarket. My last investment of the year for Elfin Market. I’ve had a good think about the platform and decided to continue next year putting £1000 per month in the IFISA product. I’m now sitting at £14000 with an income approaching £100 per month. Another year of invested money will put me in the £26000 range with hopefully an income of £200 per month. That might be a good place to stop. Invested £1000

Staking and Yield Farming. I haven’t invested further in YieldNodes as I am waiting for the first months return. Luna staking is also static. What I have done that’s interesting is investing in an automatic delta neutral strategy for UST. I’ve moved over $2000 UST from Anchor protocol to Aperture Finance using a delta neutral strategy on mirror KO (coca cola). The new money invested has gone to some more high risk yield farming strategies. Invested £500

Free Trade. A delayed investment to make sure I was in the new tax year. This months investment went high risk, straight into Ferrexpo. It’s price is significantly depressed due to its mining facility being in the Ukraine. I will do very well if it comes through the war intact. Invested £500

Total Invested £2000

Monthly Income

The new phase of my income generation looks to be on the cusp of happening. After zig-zagging in an ever tighter range for the last year it’s finally started on an upward direction. A generous increase this month should be accompanied by a further increase next month which will take me over the £2K mark for the first time this year. It should dip the next month but hopefully stay above the £2K mark.

On with the detail…

TheSunExchange. Nothing unexpected this month. A small drop from the last couple of months as we move away from the summer sun. Income £59

CrowdProperty Another disappointing month with only a modest income. I get regular updates on all the projects and they are progressing steadily. Supply chain issues are definitely affecting the industry. At least the market is very buoyant so when the projects eventually finish they easily sell or get refinanced. Income £13

ElfinMarket A steady rise this month taking the income here over the £90 range. A further increase over the £100 will happen next month. I’ve decided to continue with my IFISA allocation to Elfin Market for another year. This time next year should bring the income level above the £200 per month which is probably where I will stop. Income £93

Euro P2P lending limps on. Most of my remaining loans are fairly long term so it is taking time to exit the platforms. Income £12

Crypto lending across NEXO, Celsius, and Luno has continued to be stable. My BTC position continues to creep up, slowly increasing the income. In June there should be a jump in income from NEXO, as I have been locking my NEXO tokens up for a year for a higher interest rate. I have locked them up in tranches once a month. The first tranche should mature in June and then monthly there after. Income £309.

YieldFarming and Staking has had a healthy increase in income this month as the first return from YieldNodes comes in. There was a small decrease from Anchor as I transferred almost a third of my UST to Aperture Finance. Earnings from LUNA staking is consistent with last month. Income £510

JuicyFields is bringing in my largest income now. A small increase from last month which should be the trajectory from now on. I am following a plan of partial withdrawal and partial re-investment. This should ensure my goal to withdraw my initial investment and also increase my monthly income. I am anticipating August as the month I become risk free with this investment. Income £826

FreeTrade has dropped this month. Income is ticking along with a zig-zag performance. Income £46

Total Passive Income £1856

I’ve finally broken out of the ever tightening trend, with a clear upward momentum on my income from passive investments. I haven’t broken above the anomalous result from April 2021, but I should be there next month.

🗓Month #29

March 2022

The news is still dominated by the war in Ukraine. Whole scale regime change and take over of the country has stalled due to solid resistance from the Ukraine people. Reorganisation of the Russian mission to concentrate on the East and South of the country is underway. War crimes committed by Russian forces are being documented in many areas. Talks of war crime tribunals are in the air.

Anonymous, the decentralised hacking group has joined the war against Russia and are attacking their infrastructure and vital systems. They have published the names and addresses of all the Russian military personnel on the internet. There is nowhere to hide! A truly modern war.

Sanctions have been extreme. Europe is preparing to live without Russian Gas and Oil supplies. Prices are sky rocketing. Inflation was already on the cards after the disruption of Covid, but with the war it is looking like it could be quite damaging.

Some of my investments are affected and others not so much. My stocks and shares are mostly in green energy companies which have had a boost from the expected increase in investment over the short term. My legacy energy companies have also risen due to the supply chain shortages pushing up the prices, increasing profits. The only one adversely hit was my Ferrexpo Iron Ore mining company which has its mining facilities in the Ukraine! The mine is still operating but ability to ship to its customers is severely disrupted. All the uncertainty has severely hit the share price.

Crypto had an initial wobble at the start of the war but has since recovered and has been making some mild positive movements. My lending portfolio is stable and I have been dabbling in the staking and yield farming arena again.

On with the investment detail…


Due to ISA restrictions I have had to make a choice between Elfin Market and FreeTrade. I have decided to continue with Elfin Market till the end of the tax year and pause new investments into FreeTrade until April.

As promised I have rekindled my interest in yield farming. Initially I put some money into the new Mars Protocol on the Terra/Luna ecosystem, but I soon took it out again as the APYs started to drop dramatically. It was no longer worth the risk. What I did do though was invest in a product I looked at over a year ago, but was unsure of its legitimacy. I have been looking on and off since then and have decided to take the plunge.

ElfinMarket. Following the plan, I invested £1000 into my IFISA account. I’m at £13000 of this years ISA allowance. As my investment goes out on the first day of the month, April will also belong to this tax year so my total will be £14000. For this reason I have had to halt my FreeTrade investment to avoid going over the £20K limit. Invested £1000

Staking and Yield Farming. I’m not sure if I should make a separate category for this, but I have put some money into YieldNodes. They have a huge and diverse set of investments, mostly based around running nodes for crypto networks. I’m not 100% secure in this investment but as it has been running for 3 years, I think I can extract my initial investment with a 50:50 split between compounding and withdrawing the profits within a reasonable timeframe. I have marked the investment in full though in fact most of it has come from redistributing some of my crypto holdings in LUNA. While on the subject of LUNA I have also decided to stake my LUNA holding which brings in some monthly revenue. Invested £4600

Total Invested £5600

Monthly Income

Income has had a small uptick due to a steady rise across most of my income streams. They are setup nicely for continued positive movement in the next few months

On with the detail…

TheSunExchange. We are off the January peak but surprisingly there was only a minor reduction in earnings this month compared to last. Income £71

CrowdProperty Income was almost identical to last month. Some projects have seen delays due to Covid so as these work through to completion there should be a small increase in earnings in the future. Income £44

ElfinMarket income is back on the increase. A nice jump this month with the promise of something in the £90s next month. Getting towards the pleasing psychological milestone of crossing the £100 mark which should hopefully come in May or June this year. Income £77

Euro P2P lending is remarkably stable, posting the same modest returns the last 3 months. Fairly insignificant but it all counts in the end. Income £11

Crypto lending across NEXO, Celsius, and Luno has had an increase this month due to the rising prices of BTC and ETH. Luno has decided to stop their savings product for UK citizens so I will need to move my funds off the platform by the end of June this year. I have been slowly increasing my BTC holdings at NEXO by transferring my JuicyFields earning there. I’m not far from having a whole BTC to my name. (Small pleasures 😊). Income £309.

YieldFarming and Staking is still dependent on my UST on the Anchor protocol, but as planned I have staked my LUNA holding giving me around 8% APY. This has doubled my income from this sector. At the end of the month I invested a chunk in YieldNodes which wont pay out until the first of May for the earnings of April. So I expect another increase in next months earnings. Income £160

JuicyFields is going to plan, with a mixture of withdrawing and compounding of the profits each harvest. This is ensuring a steady increase in profits each month and also reducing my exposure and risk, until I am entirely invested only with profits. I have reached the first milestone this month, with my total profits reaching £5540 which is more than my initial investment of £5410. The next milestone is to withdraw all of my initial investment, I’m currently at the £2400 mark. Only £3000 more to go. I should reach there around August/September time. Income £799

FreeTrade has had a small increase which is normal for March as there are a number of dividends that pay out this month. Income £75

Total Passive Income £1549

The graph above continues to be pleasing to the eye 👁. Next month should see the addition of an income stream from YieldNodes. As long as crypto holds its value then we should be getting pretty close to my £2000 a month target for the year. Definitely I will be there in May due to a 5 week JuicyFields month, the challenge will be to see if I can maintain it in June.