🗓Month #28

February 2022

There is only one piece of news that is dominating the world right now… the invasion of the sovereign nation of Ukraine by their neighbour Russia.

This blog isn’t meant to be political, but the world has changed and the ramifications will be felt across the globe and for many years to come. Mostly because the democratic world has finally woken up to the threat of Russia under the rule of Putin and are responding very strongly against the invasion while stopping short of formally going to war (for now)

Sanctions are severe and will cut off Russia from the democratic world and its institutions. Europe is heavily dependent on Russian energy, so these measures are not without consequence. But currently support from the European people suggests this is a price we are willing to pay to stop a man and regime from trying to oppress its neighbour’s.

The knock on effect to the investment world is huge. Trade is disrupted, an energy crisis is upon us, the banking system is disrupted, Ukrainian products are no longer being shipped etc, etc.

In general most of my investments are not too badly affected.

On with the investment detail…


A bit more interesting this month, but not much. I have identified some more yield farming opportunities but I’m not going to pull the trigger till March.

The Sun Exchange has another interesting project. It’s huge again and these tend to have the best returns. It also has a battery component to the solar array. Invested £750

ElfinMarket. Following the plan, I invested £1000 into my IFISA account. I’m at £12000 of this years ISA allowance. Invested £1000

FreeTrade. Back to my dividend yielding renewable energy plays this month. I topped up my position in TRIG with £500. This will be my last investment with FreeTrade this tax year. Combined I need to make sure my ElfinMarket and FreeTrade don’t breach the £20K limit for my ISA’s. Invested £500

Total Invested £2171

Monthly Income

I’ve identified some yield farming plays which I will engage next month, all within the Terra ecosystem. I’ve also looked at some other interesting projects. One maybe for April.

In general it has been really turbulent due to the war, but mostly my investments are insulated from the worst of it.

On with the detail…

TheSunExchange. As with last year, January was the peak income so we have come off that peak for February. I have 2 projects invested but not yet earning so there is some upside coming in a few months. Income £72

CrowdProperty Income is very steady. The auto invest feature is managing to fund as many new projects as the ones completing so my invested funds are very stable. Without manually investing I won’t be able to increase my position here unfortunately. Income £44

ElfinMarket income had an unusual month. For some reason there was a small drop in income. Next month is back up so it seems to be just a blip. Income £70

Euro P2P lending is just waiting for me to exit my positions. It’s a very risky market at the moment with lots of platforms struggling due to loans in either Ukraine or Russia. Income £11

Crypto lending across NEXO, Celsius, and Luno has stabilised. Rates are steady and the market is fairly static. There was a minor rally at the start of the war but not very much. Income £232

YieldFarming and Staking is still entirely dependent on my UST on the Anchor protocol. Next month I am going to stake most of my LUNA for 8% APY which will increase the income. I’m also going to put some funds on the new Mars Protocol. But for now it’s just Anchor. Income £69

JuicyFields is back to a 4 week month so the income is not as high as last month. I am continuing a mixture of withdrawing and compounding. If the £5410 invested I have almost withdrawn £2000 so my risk is reducing all the time. I’m fairly confident I will reach my goal of withdrawing my initial investment whilst maintaining an ever increasing revenue stream by the summer. Income £763

FreeTrade is back to more normal dividend levels. All my energy plays both in renewable and also gas/oil should do well and have all jumped in value, let’s see what happens to the dividends. My biggest position is in Ferrexpo which mines most of its Iron Ore in Ukraine!!! It’s price has been decimated due to disruptions caused by the invasion. Hopefully it will come out the other side of the war in good health. I’m tempted to increase my holdings. Income £70

Total Passive Income £1335

I’m liking the look of the graph above 😁. I’ve been consistently over £1000 since July last year. I’ve identified the Terra ecosystem as my next venture for yield farming and I’m specifically looking at the Mars Protocol leveraged yield farming. It looks really interesting.

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