🗓Month #23

September 2021

September brings the start of Autumn 🍂. With it come the promise of the next big move in the crypto bull run. But no, the crypto world continues to tread water through September.

I’ve made a few moves this month. I’ve withdrawn £5000 from CrowdProperty as it was sitting there not invested and we needed to fund a garden room build. I’m also continuing to slowly withdraw from the P2P lending market. Apart from that my investments have been fairly modest.

🦠 Corona Virus remains a factor in everyday life. The UK continues to open up and infections are rising. Hospitalisation and deaths remain at a level that doesn’t cripple the NHS.

My income remains high, but has dropped a little from last month due mostly to a drop in JuicyFields Income.


ElfinMarket. Following the plan, I invested £1000 into my IFISA account. Invested £1000

CrowdProperty as mentioned above saw a withdrawal to pay for a garden room. Withdrawn £5000

Euro P2P has not received any new investment and I have continued to withdraw capital as the loans mature. This month I withdrew £84 from Moncera and £589 from Debitum. Withdrawn £673

FreeTrade. This months investment went to top up another big dividend payer, Foresight Solar. It received £500 of new money. Invested £500

Yield Farming saw me move into the Fantom chain to grab some yield. Invested £2000

Juicy Fields has really foxed my brain 🦊 . I’m still not comfortable with the risk, but it is working so smoothly and the press releases continue to show positive growth in the company. I have taken the leap to increase my investment further over the next 2 months. Ultimately I am planning for an income every week. Invested £736

Total Invested -£1448

Monthly Income

Another month above the £1000 mark. It seems to be holding for now.

TheSunExchange. Definitely moving towards the summer. The days are longer and income continues to rise. One of the school projects has stopped paying and is now in arrears. Legal action might have to be taken by TSE. Let’s wait and see what happens. Income £42

CrowdProperty performed a little better this month with a jump in income. Income £52

ElfinMarket income is continuing to increase with a continued investment. This month the income has increased by another £5. Fairly modest but an increase none the less. Income £39

Euro P2P lending has continued to hold steady for another month. Normal income was generated by most of the platforms. Income £22

Invictus IML As I mentioned last month I have taken all the money out of the IML fund and put it into UST staked on the Anchor protocol for an income of 20% APY. Income £0

Crypto lending across NEXO, Celsius, BlockFi and Luno remains good. All 4 platforms posted income similar to last month. I have heard it can take time to take money out of BlockFi so in preparation for selling my BTC in a few months I plan to liberate it from BlockFi and move it to NEXO next month. Income £233

YieldFarming and Staking is steady. Despite diversifying into the Fantom Network, this hasn’t offset the slowly dropping returns from my CAKE holdings. At some point I will have to liquidate my CAKE and turn it into UST on Anchor. Income £501

FreeTrade My second best month, only beaten by last month. Rio Tinto was a big payer along with a number of smaller divs. Income £79

JuicyFields has dropped as expected from last month. The income is very much as expected. To avoid the high and low months I have decided to invest some more to have yield every month. Next month should see another big month which will be nice. Income £180

Total Passive Income £1153

All in all a good month. Down from last month but pleasingly above the £1000 mark. Next month has another big JuicyFields contribution and I’m hoping October will be a good month for Crypto. 🤞 .

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