🗓Month #21

July 2021

Holiday season is upon us. Schools finish this month and normally people are off to explore other countries for a well earned break. Travel restrictions are still in place though so staycations are a thing once again this year. The stock market has stabilised, and is looking likely to continue its upward trajectory. Crypto has finished its sell off and has bounced nicely off the most recent bottom. Hopefully it is ready for a steady climb for the rest of the year.

🦠 Corona Virus vaccinations are now being offered to 16 and 17 year olds in the UK. The Delta variant seems to have peaked in mid July and has seen a dramatic decline since. Initial fears that people had stopped testing, so they could go on holiday seems unfounded as testing rates remain stable.

My income has stabilised this month which is pleasing to see. there has even been a slight increase from last month. It has certainly helped that the crypto prices have started to rise again.


Estate Guru has had a number of loans complete repayments in the last month. as I have decided to pull out of this investment I have managed to withdraw £371. I have 2 loans left with Estate Guru, one of which is in default. The other loan pays back the final instalment in December. Withdrawn -£371

ElfinMarket. Following the plan, I invested £1000 into my IFISA account. Invested £1000

Invictus IML. I have had my IML tokens staked for a number of months. They are slowly accumulating ICAP tokens as staking rewards. This month I decided to withdraw my earned ICAP and convert them to ETH. Withdrawn -£166

NEXO once again received my crypto lending investment. I hadn’t really planned to invest this month, but I received a bonus from work that needed to be placed. Ethereum was the plan this month. I feel that I am underinvested in Ethereum compared to my BTC holdings. I made 2 investments, the first was a new investment of £1000. The second was a result of converting my ICAP tokens to ETH and then transferring them across. Invested £1166

FreeTrade. This months investment went to top up another big dividend payer, Enterprise Products. It received £500 of new money. Invested £500

Juicy Fields. My last investment this month was into the speculative and risky JuicyFields project. This will be my last for a while. Once I have withdrawn most of my initial investment I might choose to risk some more. Invested £855

Total Invested £2984

Monthly Income

It’s been a really pleasing month this month. After my income crashing the last 2 months it’s been great to see it stabilise and even increase a little.

TheSunExchange. As with last year, the power generated in July and subsequent income is a little below June. Assuming the same as last year it should now steadily increase for the next 6 months. Income £27

CrowdProperty posted a surprising and disappointing drop in income to £31, which I presume is just a blip. EstateGuru posted a modest £7 income. As I have withdrawn most of my EstateGuru funds I’m not expecting anything further from them. Income £38

ElfinMarket income is continuing to increase with a continued investment. This month the income has increased by another £8. Income £25

Euro P2P lending has held steady. Normal income was generated by most of the platforms. I am expecting to see a fall in the next month as I slowly withdraw my funds. Income £21

Invictus IML fund has had another quiet month as USD lending demand has been very low due to the pull back in the crypto markets. A very modest increase in the value of the fund by £10. On the other hand my IML tokens have been staked for many months, slowly accumulating ICAP token rewards. This month I cashed them in for ETH to the value of £166. Income £176

Crypto lending across NEXO, Celsius, BlockFi and Luno remains stable. BlockFi and Celsius contributed a similar income to last month. NEXO on the other hand has seen a large increase. I decided to earn in NEXO tokens instead of BTC and ETH, this allows me to gain higher rates. Also I am now receiving interest on my substantial NEXO token holdings. Income £207

YieldFarming and Staking is very quiet. On the BSC network I still just have CAKE staked. The income from this is stable and the underlying value of the CAKE has started to rise a little. There is a small amount of RAY staked on the Solana network. The rest of my staking is on the Polygon network. I had some MATIC, QUICK and USDC staked, which has started to bring in a stable and hopefully safe income. I got a little twitched however and while the market was unstable I actually liquidated my QUICK and USDC, perhaps a little prematurely! Overall there is a small income gain but I now have very little staked. Income £441

FreeTrade dividend income has had an average month. A bit more than last month and hopefully will continue to increase. August however looks like it will under perform significantly. Income £47

JuicyFields has had had 2 harvests in July, bringing in a similar income to June. Most has been re-invested to compound the gains, but I have withdrawn some again to reduce the total of the risked assets. August is looking to be a bumper crop. There are 3 harvest of 4 plants and also the first of my 20 plant harvests all in August. Income £141

Total Passive Income £1127

I’ve got a very positive feel about August. All income from investments should be up except € P2P, IML and FreeTrade. Heading into the Autumn things are looking good.🤞

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