🗓Month #20

June 2021

Summer is here and the fields are full of Poppy’s in full flower. The cornerstone of my investment plan this year is based in crypto, which is still in the grips of a huge correction. The retail sell off has completed, as has the over-leveraged Hedge-fund liquidations. The Bitcoin whales have been steadily accumulating during this time, which has lead me to do the same. There might be one more shakeout due to the unlocking of the Greyscale shares. From then onwards it should be a clear run till the end of the year.

🦠 Corona Virus vaccinations are continuing to do well in the UK. The Delta variant seems to be sweeping through the younger population. There is a small increase in demands on the health service but not too much yet. The link between infections and morbidity/mortality might be broken.

My income has dropped a little but it’s a mixed bag. Lots of income streams have increased. These have been offset by a further reduction in yield farming income, but this looks to be stabilised now.


Even more focussed investment plan this month!

I’ve been thinking about EstateGuru and the Euro P2P market. The risk seems fairly high, with the potential for loan defaults. Is this offset by the high return? Not really when you take into account the tax that would be levied on the income. Crowdproperty and ElfinMarket both have lower APRs but they are both tax free wrapped in an IFISA and regulated by the FCA. Moving forward these will be the cornerstone of my P2P lending. I’m going to pull out of EstateGuru and the Euro P2P platforms.

ElfinMarket. Following the plan, I invested £1000 into my IFISA account. Invested £1000

NEXO was the crypto lending platform to receive a chunk of investment this month. The massive pull back in the crypto markets has made Bitcoin once again a viable investment. Invested £1000

FreeTrade. This months investment went to top up my best performing stock which is also my biggest dividend payer, Ferrexpo. It received £500 of new money. I also reinvested accumulated dividends into Foresight Solar to the sum of £79. Invested £500

Total Invested £2500

Monthly Income

It’s been a really mixed bag this month, with some income streams increasing whilst others are on the decrease.

TheSunExchange. June is the month with the shortest daylight hours in the Southern Hemisphere, so this should be the lowest point for the year. Last year July posted a slightly lower income than June, which might be the same this year. Either way we should be close to the low income point for the year. Income £29

CrowdProperty continues to post increased returns, now in the low £80’s. Hopefully £100 is around the corner. EstateGuru posted a modest £5 income, but this will never be significant. Last month was a blip with the UOWN income so we are back to just the 2 platforms this month with a healthy income increase. Income £89

ElfinMarket income is going to steadily increase every month by £7-8 with a continued investment. This month is therefore a steady increase from last month. Income £17

Euro P2P lending is still steady. Normal income was generated by most of the platforms. Now I have decided to pull out the income should start to decrease over the next year. It will take a fairly long period of time to withdraw all the money. Income £21

Invictus IML fund has had a very quiet month as USD lending demand has been very low due to the pull back in the crypto markets. A very disappointing month. Income £12

Crypto lending across NEXO, Celsius, BlockFi and Luno has now stabilised. BlockFi and Celsius have both decreased their lending rates. Even so the income has increased this month, posting the second highest income from this source. Income £136

YieldFarming and Staking has had a reorganisation. On the BSC network I just have CAKE staked. The income from this is stable but the underlying value of the CAKE has fallen a little once again. There is a small amount of RAY staked on the Solana network, primarily to use their launchpad. The rest of my staking is on the Polygon network. I have some MATIC, QUICK and USDC staked, which has started to bring in a stable and hopefully safe income, which should rise in the coming months. Overall there is an income drop but it should be on an increasing trend from here on in. Income £426

FreeTrade dividend income has had another good month. A bit less than last month and hopefully will start to increase again. Income £38

JuicyFields has had had 2 harvests in June, bringing in an increased income. Most has been re-invested to compound the gains, but I have withdrawn some to reduce the total of the risked assets. July should be pretty similar, with a decent income in August to come. Income £145

Total Passive Income £916

I’ve got a positive feel about the end of the summer, heading into the Autumn. 🤞

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