🗓Month #19

May 2021

The last month of spring! The month has ended with some delightful weather, which compensates for a massive crypto sell off. From the BTC high point of $64k in April BTC managed to crash all the way down to $34k this month before making a recovery. The gravitational pull of BTC has dragged down all of the other coins as well often with bigger losses. End of this Bull run? I’m hoping not as I am holding tight until the autumn. 🤣

🦠 Corona Virus vaccinations are continuing to do well in the UK. We have a worrying increase in cases due to the Indian/Delta variant taking over from the Kent/Alpha variant, however this hasn’t so far translated into high demands on the health service. The spread seems to be contained within the non-vaccinated mostly the younger population.

My income has taken a big hit this month due entirely to a reduced income from crypto. But it’s still my second biggest month despite this reduction.


Again a very focussed investment plan this month

TheSunExchange. The second Nhimbe Fresh project is waiting to be launched. It is another USD based stable income project. It didn’t open for funding this month so no investments were made. I still have some of the returned funds on the platform waiting to be deployed.

ElfinMarket. I have decided to invest £1000 at the beginning of each month into my IFISA account. Later in the year I will evaluate my ISA allocations across ElfinMarket and FreeTrade. Invested £1000

In Euro P2P lending I was able to withdraw a further £37 from LenderMarket. I decided not to reinvest it anywhere so I just returned it to my bank account. Money returned £37

Yield Farming has received another large investments. The BSC network has been plagued with exploits this month which I have lost some funds with. I have branched out to the upcoming Polygon network which might just be this years DeFi summer destination. Invested £1500

FreeTrade. Just one investment this month, into the iShares Global Clean Energy ETF. Invested £500

JuicyFields I’ve made my final investment into my compounding plan. Moving forward I should be able to compound my returns and also withdraw an income from this project. In addition I also made a €1000 one off investment by redeploying funds from the UOWN project. This one won’t compound, I will just withdraw the full profits and reinvest the principle moving forward. Invested £1042

Total Invested £2855

Monthly Income

Having had such an amazing month in April, you kind of expect continued growth. Alas May has seen a big drop in income from Crypto. Mostly due to the massive crash in the price of BTC and the subsequent drop in value of all other assets. On top of this there has been multiple exploits of BSC farming projects, further reducing my income.

TheSunExchange. The Southern Hemisphere is heading nicely towards winter so there is an expected drop in solar generation. The drop hasn’t been too dramatic though so the income has held up well. Income £36

CrowdProperty and EstateGuru were very similar to last month. I have finally received the return from the UOWN team. The Bakery project has paid out 🎉. This gives a significant uplift to my income from this sector, but it will be a one off. Income £213

ElfinMarket has now started to produce income from the IFISA account. The first month is usually smaller than average and should increase in subsequent months. Income £10

Euro P2P lending is fairly steady. Normal income was generated by most of the platforms. Without further investment this will never be a significant source of income. At some point this year I will need to decide if I am going to invest more or pull out of P2P lending sites in Europe. Income £21

Invictus IML fund has had a quiet month compared to April, but the income is steady. Income £27

Crypto lending across NEXO, Celsius, BlockFi and Luno suffered a massive crash in value of the underlying assets. So although the interest earned was good, it was denominated in BTC and ETH and therefore the value converted to GBP was significantly reduced. Income £110

YieldFarming and Staking has had a very turbulent month. Both my BUSD and BNB farms suffered exploits and some loss of funds. Thankfully not too much. I also cashed in most of the BANANA tokens realising the profit. The CAKE farm has performed very well, however due to the market crash the token value has more than halved so the value of the yield has suffered accordingly. I’ve now branched out into the Polygon network and Solana network, so we will see if they are a bit more resistant to exploit attacks. My main farm is still CAKE but I now also have some RAY and MATIC which are earning a small income. I am actively looking for a second high yielding farm to compliment the CAKE farm. Income £686

FreeTrade dividend income has had another good month, though not quite as high as last month. Income £42

JuicyFields has had its 4th harvest and sale of plants this month. This is the last month of a single harvest so from June onwards there should be 2 harvests per month. Let’s see how that goes. Income £65

Total Passive Income £1212

Let’s see if I can bring the Yield farming back to heady heights of last month as I investigate the Polygon network.

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