🗓Month #18

April 2021

Spring has sprung! All the trees are popping in to leaf and the blossom is budding on the fruit trees.

🦠 Corona Virus vaccinations are rolling out really well in the UK and by the end of the month over half the population have had at least 1 dose and many have had 2. The most vulnerable in society have been vaccinated which has made a dramatic difference to the strain on the NHS services. This is allowing the restrictions on the population to ease and life to head towards normal.

It’s a new tax year which brings a breath of fresh air. My investment strategy has rationalised and my investments are much more concentrated.

My income has gone ballistic, mostly due to yield farming. It will be interesting to see how sustainable this is.


An almost empty spreadsheet!

TheSunExchange. My SunExchange project that I invested in back in September ran into some regulation issues delaying the project significantly. Due to this the investment money was refunded. I have invested in another project this month, however the investment was completely covered by the returned funds so no additional funds were necessary. Reassigned funds £249

ElfinMarket. I invested my normal £100 at the beginning of the month into my Standard account. After April 6th I closed my standard account and withdrew all the funds. I then opened an IFISA account and transferred all my funds across, plus an extra £433. Invested £533

In Euro P2P lending I withdrew the last of my funds from IUVO. Rationalising my P2P platforms is a slow process! Money returned £13

Yield Farming has received the bulk of this months investments. I have played around with farming a number of different single assets and liquidity pairs through the month. By the end of the month though I am only farming 4 different single assets. Invested £2500

FreeTrade investments involved the final moving around of funds from my General Investment Account across to my ISA account. As part of the process I kept some of the funds back as profit. Overall my net investment was negative for the month. Invested -£311

JuicyFields ends my investments for the month. I have started to get returns from my initial investments now so I have reinvested some of the returns and topped up with new money. I only have 1 more purchase to go at the beginning of May and then this investment becomes a self sustaining income generator. Invested £176

Total Invested £2885

Monthly Income

I thought last months income was extraordinary… That was before this months came in! Most of my investments are just ticking along, but Yield farming has created parabolic growth in my income.

TheSunExchange. Another project has come online this month though has only been generating for a few days so not much income. The Southern Hemisphere is heading towards the shorter daylight hours part of the year. Even so the income has held up well. Income £39

CrowdProperty had a real boost to its income this month more than doubling the previous best. EstateGuru on the other hand had almost no income, due to the 3 month bullet repayments creating an un-equal distribution of income across the months. I have received communication from the UOWN team regarding the investment I made with them back in April 2019. The project was severely delayed by Covid but has now completed. They have refinanced and the money is with the solicitors, so it should be in my account for May. Income £64

ElfinMarket had almost no income this month?… This is the consequence of withdrawing all my loans in the Standard account forgoing the interest due. The new funds in the IFISA account don’t start to receive interest until May. Income £0

Euro P2P lending had a fairly quiet month. Fairly normal income was generated by most of the platforms. Lendermarket is almost halved as I am withdrawing funds from them. RoboCash which is now my biggest investment has an unequal distribution of payments and April is a quiet month. Income £15

Invictus IML fund is back up to normal returns with an increase in fund size bringing a nice return. Income £34

Crypto lending across NEXO, Celsius, BlockFi and Luno had a slightly lower BTC price but a significantly higher ETH price. Combined with a higher interest rate on NEXO this month, this has brought a further increase in income from these platforms. Income £160

YieldFarming and Staking has just blown everything else out of the water. I have experimented with a number of high APY liquidity pairs and single assets, some of which paid off and some of which didn’t. By the end of the month I am just farming 4 assets, CAKE, BANANA, BNB and BUSD all on the Binance Smart Chain. Income is measured only as the value of new coins generated. I haven’t included any appreciation value of the underlying assets. Income £1585

FreeTrade dividend income has had a really good month. Partly this is due to reshuffling my portfolio towards dividends and partly due to the mining stocks giving out special dividends. Income £59

JuicyFields has had its 3rd harvest and sale of plants this month. May will have a single harvest as well, but from June onwards there should be 2 harvests per month as I moved to planting every 2 weeks a few months ago. Income £65

Total Passive Income £2025

I’m quite interested to see what will happen with the Yield farming and staking income in the coming months. Is my current income from this sector, just the start of a sustained income stream? Or is it an anomaly that will quickly correct?

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