My Approach to FIRE 🔥

I’ve read a lot of information on the FIRE movement and have come to a few conclusions.

The 2 main arms of FIRE are the frugal living and the investment strategy. Most of the advice on the various blogs relate to frugal living. There seems to be very little detail on the investment side, and what there is tends towards a very conservative investment model.

In my late 40s, married with 3 children I have a number of fixed costs that would be possible to change but would impact on our lifestyle in such a way that I would prefer not to go down that route if possible. Living frugally takes a lot of time and effort and rarely results in happiness. For me it is not all about the destination, so much of it is about the journey. I want to enjoy reaching financial independence in a lazy way.

If I am not planning to compromise my lifestyle too much then the investing arm to my FIRE plan, needs to perform at a much higher level than most people in the FIRE movement.

To get my investments to perform at a high level sounds like a lot of work. My aim is to take a little time and effort choosing my investments, but then run those investments with as little effort as possible in the future.

The lazy way 2 FIRE!